10 apps for young photographers
October 10, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

You might have a young photographer at home yet to be discovered so we wanted to get you and your children motivated. As with other artistic disciplines or by playing with toys, photography can boost creativity and is a wonderful means by which we can express emotions, feelings and ideas as well as a way of discovering our own personal approach when it comes to creating. With a camera in hand, children are given the chance to decide what and how to capture what they see and it allows them to observe the world from different perspectives, some they haven´t even considered before. That´s why we wanted to share 10 apps that will help your young photographers develop their creative skills.

“Don´t waste the roll “ or “Make sure you don´t cut our heads off”. Who hasn´t heard these words of caution the first time they took a camera into their hands to take a picture? Unlike analogue, digital photography provides our children with greater possibilities to play. Smartphones make cameras accessible to them, so they can try again and again and learn by seeing the immediate result. There is nothing that should hold you back from letting them explore the worlds thru the lens.

Aside from learning a new skill, children can cultivate their visual capabilities with self-expression and creativity. Plus, taking pictures can also become a great activity that both of you can share. You can help them discover that “other world” by suggesting your children photograph a single object from different points of view or by taking pictures together to create a storybook.

Once you´ve showed your children the basic concepts of photography, it´s important to keep them motivated and a great way to do so is with the help of these fun apps.

iMotion Pro: This intuitive app allows children to apply stop motion technique with amazing results. Children 4 and over will enjoy creating a sequence of pictures that can later become a short film.

Recmember: Let´s take pictures now so we can watch them in the future. This free app will allow your children to take pictures and send them to themselves when they are 16 years old! A great idea if you´re looking to treasure great memories.

HeyHey Pix: This artistic app will have them rolling in laugher. After taking the picture, your children can decorate it with fun illustrations and visual graphics created by Bue, the urban artist and owner of HeyHey apps. Once their artwork is ready, kids can then  share their art via email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Color Vacuum: Photography allows children to discover colour composition. This is precisely what this app does. It gets kids to pay attention to the colours around them by using the camera.

Crayola, ¡light, camera, color!: This free app transforms photographs into drawings that children can colour. All you have to do is let your children take a picture and paint it or decorate it with fun stickers.


If you´d like to discover other creative apps, make sure you read about these, which will have your kids keep learning more. With Daily Greetings they´ll be able to make their birthday party invitations for free; Cutie Cute Cute! allows children to transform terrible photos into fun picture (free); Fat and Skinny Booth is great for duplicating, distorting or transforming faces; Cartoonizeme Lite gives pictures that cartoon –like feel and  Kid’s fun camera lite adds animal-like eyes, noses and mouths to their photographs, for free.

Have you ever spent some time taking photographs with your children? Do you think photography can stimulate their creativity?

Photo Credits: Mark Sebastian

Photo Credits: Alexandre Normand


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