10 apps that kids will have fun being scared with this Halloween
October 22, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Halloween is right around the corner, a day in which children actually have fun getting scared. Houses get filled with frightening pumpkins, bats and rats. If you want to actually know the origin of these traditions, go ahead and read the article we published here: Best Toys for Halloween. It even offers ideas on how to celebrate it.  Another option is making use of some fun phone apps. Here are 10 Halloween applications that will boost your children’s creativity, attention span and motor skills.

Halloween seems to have been created to wear costumes. For children, they´re great as they encourage them to express their feelings and it helps them build up their empathy skills by literally putting themselves in someone else´s shoes. Costumes also help kids socialize, as they have to interact with other children and adults while they trick or treat.

You don´t need to spend a lot of time coming up with ideas. Just follow our guide on how to make original and easy Halloween costumes, which your children can help with by using their imagination and creativity.

Another way of getting your children to improve their many skills this Halloween is by trying these phone apps, especially if you don´t have time to organize a party or make a costume. Enjoy the “night of the dead” no pouting included.

Here are the 10 most interesting Halloween apps this year:

Toca Mini: Let´s create a monster. This app will allow your children to create cute, weird or funny monsters and strange animals using animated stamps. Perfect to let their imaginations run wild! Price: 2,69€

Make a zombie: Zombies are in! Who said children couldn´t play with them? This free app allows them to create adorable zombies and select the scene, eyes, nose, clothes, etc. They´ll spend hours creating their very own.

Free Halloween Sounds Pro: Scary sounds go hand in hand on Halloween night. This free app offers variety of scary noises, which you can even program to begin right on time.

I spy spooky mansion: Is a computer game that has been picked up by a phone app. It´s like playing I Spy, but in a haunted house. Your children will have to solve more than 30 riddles and collect keys in order to find the way out. Price: 0,89€

Go Away, Big Green Monster: Ed Emberley´s famous book can now be enjoyed in app form on the iPad. Designed to help children overcome their fear of monsters by reading out loud, enjoying music and playing with the surprise flashlight. Price: 1,79€


There are many more apps, related to Halloween, for children, who are a little older. Keep reading to discover what they are.

Plants vs. Zombies, an addictive game where they´ll have to use their brains so as not to get eaten by zombies. (Price: 0,89€); Angry Birds seasons, the famous game with a Halloween spinoff. Finger Zombies!, Move the scary monsters thru the cemetery with your finger and don´t let them be gobbled up. (Price: 0,89€); Monster Dash, is a classic videogame now transformed to an app where your children will have fun shooting demons, vampires and mummies with their laser beam. (Price: 0,89€); iMut8r, transforms people into werewolves, devils, witches, etc. (Price: 0,89€)

Do you know of any other Halloween apps? How are you going to celebrate Halloween this year? 

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