15 Best Apps for Future Artists
May 7, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

As parents, we strive to motivate our children to discover their innate skills. There are children that are interested in math, nature or science while others are more inclined towards the arts. Whether it´s in the kitchen, at the drawing board or on the piano, today there are special apps created for future artists. Here is our list of the 15 best apps that will help the little ones develop their natural talents.

For future writers, film directors and playwrights

CREATIVIUM This interactive virtual version of paper theater is engaging and fun. The app will allow your children to write their own plays, create sceneries and chose their own characters. For children over 2.

STORY BOOK MAKER a fun app that allows children over 4 to create a book using their own images, text and music. It includes an image gallery with sounds and a library of inspiring books created by other children.

COOKIE NEXT DOOR for comic book lovers, this free app will allow your children to create their very own animated adventure with characters, sounds and narrative structures. Once they´re finished, they´ll be able to send their comic book to relatives and friends. For children over 4.

TOONTASTIC  For children over 4 years old. This free app will help them become great storytellers. They´ll quickly learn the concepts of narrative structure.

For future painters and illustrators

SOPHIE´S DRAWINGS For children between 2 and 7 years old. This app helps them learn to draw. With Sophie´s magic pencil, they´ll begin with simple drawings and then increase the difficulty. Once they complete a work of art, a surprise awaits. Try the free app before downloading the complete version.

IMAGINATION BOX  This app is loaded with creative ideas and projects so children can develop their talents. Drawing painting, sculpting, arts and crafts… For children over 4.

FRENCHIE DRAWS Games and activities that promote coordination when it comes to creating. It emphasizes attention to detail and concentration. This app is for children 4 and over.

SENDY: STEAM PAINT KIDS ART This great app develops your children’s´ creativity thru art, color and writing. With Sendy: Steam Paint Kids Art, your children will be able to send their final work via email. For children over 4 years old.


For future chefs

PIZZA FACTORY FOR KIDS  they say that little chefs love cooking pizza. This app allows them to chose the type of crust, place the ingredients and cook it in a virtual oven. After making several of these, your son will be able to make a real pizza. For children over 4.

COOKING WITH KIDS, GREAT BRITISH CHEFS This free app includes more than 100 fun and delicious recipes for children. It comes with videos, special instructions and tips by the best chefs in England. For children over 4.

KIDECOOK For children 4 and older, this app allows them to measure virtual ingredients, mix them and cook. It also comes with real recipes they can use to cook, with your supervision.

For future musicians and composers

LITTLE FOX MUSIC BOX This app was created for young musicians between the ages of 2 and 6. It includes karaoke, popular children songs and different versions. Do they want to create their own music? This app comes with a music studio full of virtual instruments.

KINDER BACH If your little one likes to play the piano, this app includes simple lessons, tutorials and virtual games. Winner of the Golden App Award, it is free and was created for children 4 and older.

DR. SEUSS BAND this great musical game will teach the little musicians at home how to distinguish instruments and sounds. By the creators of Dr. Seuss, this app includes 3 levels of difficulty. Winner of the Editor´s Choice Award and recommended for children over 4.

BLOOM HD Created by musician, composer and producer Brian Eno, this app created a connection between music and art. For children over 4.

We are sure you have tried other apps that help the little ones develop their natural talents.  We´d love to hear from you and get your feedback!

Photo Credits: Rolands Lakis

Photo Credits: Jim Pennucci


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