3 things we should´t force them to do
October 16, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

There are certain things we should teach, and sometimes push our children to do even though they aren´t up to it. Good examples are making their bed, keeping their room and toy chest clean and tidy. We should also motivate our kids to make friends, share and be tolerant. All these skills are positive and will help them become independent and live without fears, two very important things for a healthy development. But there are 3 things we shouldn´t force them to do: eat, sleep and se the bathroom. Keep reading to find out why.



A recent study, directed by Linda Gilmore, from Queensland University in Australia, proved that daily battles between children and parents about food could actually cause an endless amount of problems, like obesity.

“Children will never go hungry voluntarily. This reason alone should be enough to avoid parents to force feed children,” says Gilmore. Nutrition expert, Anna Denny suggests we give our children small portions of food instead of expecting them to eat massive quantities.”


If we force our kids to eat something against their will, it can have the opposite effect. And not allowing them to eat certain food could make them eat more of it.

Children between the ages of 2 and 6 are reticent to trying new foods and parents should be conscious that this is linked to their normal development and that with time, it will go away. If we force them, that reticence could stay with them for a longer period of time. A good idea is to get them motivated to cook and to associate food with something fun and yummy.

To learn more about how to get your children eating healthy, read the tips featured in this article.


Most parents dream about their kids walking off to bed, and sleeping throughout the night but it´s not that simple. In fact, bedtime is the cause of most arguments and fights at home. And if it comes to that, your children might not sleep at all. Forcing them to sleep is useless and can be counterproductive, cause nightmares and anxiety. What we can do is create a good environment that induces rest. We can control the temperature, comfort and lighting in their room. Plus, there are soothing rituals to get them ready for bed like a good bath, reading and plenty of TLC.

If you have a hard time getting your kids to sleep or stay in bed, read these great tips.



Learning to go to the bathroom is the third thing we shouldn´t force our children to do as it will only add stress and anxiety. Some children are so absorbed in their own world that sometimes they don´t get to the bathroom in time. Others prefer to use the porta potty as they can exercise control. And finally, there are kids who are just too young to learn.

On one hand, we should be more understanding and allow accidents to happen. And when they do, we shouldn´t show disappointment. You might want to teach your kids to get rid of the diaper but that doesn´t mean it´s going to happen. In fact, pressuring kids to use the bathroom cold result in urinary infections. Professor of Paediatrics at University of California in San Francisco, Lisa Asta, says, “going to the bathroom is a natural process. You can´t force it to happen. So don´t be in a hurry to get your kids to say goodbye to the diaper only because your oldest one did at that age.” Remember, each child is different and there are certain things they learn at certain ages. If we force them, they can become frustrated.

Follow the advice of the Mayo Clinic to help your child lose the diaper and learn to go to the bathroom.

Finally, remember that you are their role model and if you make it into something fun, they´ll learn faster and better.

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