6 apps to learn shapes and colours
April 28, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Did you know that learning shapes is the base for geometry and spatial reasoning? According to experts, this allows children to learn better. On the other hand, Scholastic believes that language, description, observation and experimental skills are inherent to learning colours. Two necessary and fun activities that will help our little ones to think better and understand the world they live in. Today, at The Toy Blog, we recommend 6 apps that will help them engage in activities, which revolve around shapes and colours.

We know that children learn better when they play. That is why we´ve prepared a list of 6 apps that will help them learn and have fun while they do. Plus, if your kids need an extra dose of foreign languages, some of these apps are also available in Spanish, for example.

According to BestAppsforKids, one of the best ways is via Pacca Alpaca, an app full of animations, illustrations and educational activities so they can learn about colours, shapes and numbers. The young players will practice and repeat specific activities, according to their age. Available for iOS and Android.

At PopSugar Moms, they recommend Baby Learns Colors, which allows children to explore different worlds while they learn their colours: an artists´pallete, an aquarium and outer space. This app also allows parents the possibility of recording their own voices in order to create a personalized experience for their kids. Available in Spanish and English for iOS and Android.

Little Critter Shapes is a user-friendly interactive storybook with the right amount of text. An ideal format that allows children to learn what a circle, triangle or star is, among other geometric shapes. Once they´ve integrated them, they can apply their knowledge playing a fun game, which they can personalize. Available for iOS and Android.


Common Sense Media recommends Busy Shapes, an app designed for children two and older. Based on Jean Piaget´s cognitive development theory, children learn while they explore and manipulate.

As if it were a giant digital playground, this app uses artificial intelligence to show how shapes relate to one another. For example, what happens when two metallic objects collide? Besides teaching them about shapes, this app encourages children to think and make use of their critical mind. Available in Spanish and English and only for iOS.

Colors Train is a free app, developed by a group of educational experts called 22learn. Designed to enhance their vocabulary, this app also prepares our children to improve their skills when it comes to identifying colours. The game is divided into different levels, one for each age. It consists in identifying a certain colour and loading it onto the train. As they improve, kids receive fun stickers as a prize. Available for iOS and Android.

Jake’s Never Land Shapes and Patterns is another great app that allows children to learn their shapes and identify patterns while they read, listen, go on adventures and a treasure hunt. They are also encouraged to dress up their pirate dolls and play fun interactive games. Available only for iOS.

It doesn’t really matter which of these apps they use to learn their shapes and colours. What we must not forget is that children need to have fun while they learn and they should keep practising at home and at school. For this reason, Kids Learning Center, has created a series of free templates for parents and teachers so children and students keep their imagination and curiosity alive.

What do you think about these apps? How do you teach your kids about colours and shapes?

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