6 Christmas decorating ideas for toddlers
December 5, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

It´s Christmastime and the season to decorate our homes. If you have older children, surely they´ll be thrilled to help you decorate, especially the tree. But what about the toddlers at home? With so many colours, ornaments, lights and tiny delicate objects, what can we do to protect them from getting hurt or from breaking ornaments in a thousand pieces? Here are 6 ideas so the little ones at home can also be part of the decorating team this year.

Whatever you say, you know they´re bound to dive head first into the decorating process. And we know we really cant spend the entire day saying no, don´t touch that. It´s Christmas and everyone at home should participate. All we have to do is keep in mind the things toddlers can handle and what we can do too, so we all have fun and prevent possible accidents.

They say it´s better safe than sorry and when it comes to toddlers, who love putting foreign objects in their mouths and not being able to fully control their fine motor skills, there are certain things to consider:

  • Replace all glass ornaments with unbreakable or shatterproof ones. If any of them have sentimental value or are the expensive kind, make sure you place them high up where the little ones wont be able to pull on them.
  • No metallic hooks. It´s much better to use the kind made with string or ribbon.
  • Make sure the tree is firmly secure to the floor.
  • Use LEDs. Not just because of the low environmental impact but because they don’t heat up as much as regular Christmas lights.
  • Make sure they understand what they can do and cannot do. Yank on an ornament, run or chase each other close to the tree, never touch the lights or add an ornament without adult supervision…. You set the rules but afterwards, make sure you tell them all the fun stuff they´ll be able to do!


Ornaments and decorative ideas for toddlers

The Angel. This ornament, suggested by this fun website for kids, makes it easy and there are many angels to choose from. Your toddlers will feel so proud to show everyone the highlight of this year´s tree: their very own DIY angel.

Star ornaments.These require a little more time and supervision but kid will love to knead the dough and paint the stars. Follow the step by step instructions here.

Reusing materials. Just like this website suggests, you can create your very own ornaments by using recyclable materials, many of which you already have at home. Turning something old into something new and different will make kids mind´s open up.

Christmas Owls. Make sure to check out all the ornaments you can make with your toddlers at home. Some even are made using pine cones. Gathering them at the park is just the beginning of all the fun.

A snowman. This site suggests making the following cute ornament with your children at home. Make sure you aren’t in a rush when you sit down to play and create. Turn your cell phone off, put some cookies in the oven and have fun playing.

Did you enjoy these ideas? We´d love to see what you make!

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