7 activities to learn the ABC’s
March 17, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Although children don´t start to read until they are 5 or 6 years old, it´s best they become familiar with their ABC´s now. Parents are their best teachers and there are many activities you can do at home so they begin to get a grasp for letters. Remember you mustn’t force them but rather teach them by playing. At first they might only be able to recognize just a few but be patient and make it fun. If you don´t know where to start, we encourage you to start reading this article, published here at The Toy Blog.

Wooden Building Blocks

Get started on teaching the basics. The F is for father, M is for mother, and B is for brother. What letters does his name have? Pronounce each letter and show your child which one it is using wooden building blocks. If yours don´t have letters, you can use a non-permanent marker or even chalk to draw them. Once they´ve learned the basics, you can have them place the letters belonging to each family member at the table before lunch or dinner.

Cookies with Names

The majority of children first learn to spell and read their own name before any other word. Take advantage of this and make some cookies with his or her name on them. Show them the cookie letter cutters and ask them to place each letter in order. If you don’t have these at home, you can always help them write their names on cookies with eatable ink or frosting. You can follow this recipe here and enjoy a wonderful snack.

Alphabet Flash Cards

You can download these printable alphabet flash cards here. Each letter includes a word and a drawing of that word. You can start by giving a weekly flash card to your children and encourage them to learn one letter a week. “This week we´re going to learn the A!” Every day, you can propose a treasure hunt by having them search for objects in the house that begin with that letter.

Letters made with Yarn

Another good idea is to place the alphabet in their room as a decorative item and learning tool. These letters made with yarn are easy and inexpensive to make. Follow the instructions offered by Simple Crafter to create your own. And remember, this activity is something your children can help you make.

ABC stickers

This is another great activity to have them stop watching so much TV and learn in the process. Children love stickers. We should take advantage of this to teach them their ABC´s. Most arts & crafts stores have a variety of colours and different sizes. You can allocate a wall at home for them to play or have them stick all their ABC´s on a blackboard or corkboard. Each time they walk in front of it, ask them to say the letters out loud or ask them: “Where is the P? What about the B?”


The alphabet in the fridge

Alphabet detective is a great game to play. Not only because its fun but because they´ll learn their ABCs while they play. Begin with things they are familiar with. Open the fridge and say: “Let´s play detectives! Start by finding food that begin with the letter C”. Listen carefully and be sure to congratulate them if they get it right by adding the alphabet stickers on the fridge to spell: Good Job!

ABC Songs

In YouTube you can find an infinite variety of songs so your children can learn their ABC´s. Music comes in very handy because it helps them remember the order and the pronunciation. Music is also a great memory-enhancing tool.

The same songs can be sung while they are in the bath, before going to sleep or in the car. You should remember to sing along to encourage them.

How can they learn the ABC´s in Spanish?

Whether it´s Spanish or another foreign language, we suggest you make sure of the educational apps for iPhone, Android and tablets. This way, children can hear the correct pronunciation and have great fun while learning. Here are some of the best apps to learn ABC´s in another language.

ABC Magnetic Alphabet For Kids: a great app that simulates a blackboard that comes with colourful magnetic letters. Perfect for pre-schoolers. It also includes number games. Simple, easy to use and stimulating. Free and available for iPhone and Android.

Flashcards: Interactive flashcards that teaches children how each word is pronounced and what letters it includes. You also have the possibility of teaching them different English pronunciations (United Kingdom, United States and Australia) as well as French, German, Italian and Spanish. These flashcards have more than 14 categories to choose from and it includes wonderful learning games. Available for iPad and Android.

ABC Alphabet Phonics: This app offers various activities like finding and touching the correct letter or listening and touching the letter indicated by the game. Children can upload their own drawing or photograph and relate each with a letter. It even lets them record their voice. This app offers several levels of difficulty. English only. Free and available for iPhone, iPhone Touch and iPad

How do you teach your children the ABC´s? Share your experience with our readers and us!

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