7 Best Toys for the Beach
July 21, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

During the summer we all try fighting the heat and protecting ourselves from the sun so we can give into the pleasure of play and spending quality time with our kids. Especially if we are at the beach where the sea, the waves and the sand make up a fascinating playground. Keep reading to discover which toys are the best for the summer. Not only will the kids have fun but they´ll also keep learning and developing important skills such as patience and teamwork.

Making sand castles, swimming, collecting sea shells, wading in the water by the shore…All these activities encourage kids to do some exercise as they develop their social skills and imagination. But there are certain toys especially created for the beach and the pool that will inspire them to learn about generosity and healthy competition too.

Just as we suggested here, flying a kite is a fantastic way to motivate the kids to run around. But there are other toys that require observation skills as well as respecting and considering others. A good example is the Aeroforce, an ultra-light toy plane. In order to get it to fly, children may do it manually or use the special launcher, which is included in the box. These ultra-light planes do not require batteries or assembly.

When flying them, it´s important to teach children to choose a wide open space and be conscious of the need to share the beach with others. By doing so, they´ll learn to be generous and respect those around them.

We encourage you to watch this short video so you can see these fun  toy planes in action.

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Whether it’s in the pool or the sea, kids of all ages go wild with water guns. Refreshing toys like Aquaforce come equipped with water balloons. Created for children ages 5 and older, these toy water guns require certain manual abilities. So, as kids play, they develop their motor skills, imagination and creativity.

Check to see what they look like here.

You can take this opportunity to talk to them about the importance of sharing, taking turns and making sure they pick up all the balloons, once they are used. Like public parks, beaches belong to everyone and we should all help keep them clean.

Aqua Shooter is another great toy water gun, which comes with a cartridge, which allows them to regulate the water pressure.

Playing with this type of toy helps develop their motor, coordination and visual skills. Encourage them to organize a water fight, always emphasizing the importance of knowing how to lose and respecting those who don´t want to participate or get wet.

The Aqua Shooter has been designed for kids ages 6 through 9.

The Splash Shot is another water pistol but this one is compact, easy to handle and shoots up to 9 meters. The Infinity Shooter has a 500ml deposit and two different water pressures to choose from. Like the Splash Shot, this toy pistol also shoots water up to 9 meters.

Another super fun summer toy is the Swingball. Whether it´s at the beach, the garden or the park, they´ll be able to organize fantastic championships. Help them form the teams and remind them that all group activities and games require teamwork, taking turns and knowing how to lose.

Take a look at this video so you can see how fun your kids can have with Swingball.

If your children are afraid of the water, we encourage you to read this post in order to know what to do.

And remember, children who run around and do exercise improve their health and their learning abilities. The World Health Organization suggests they do at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Now that summer is here, let´s all take advantage of the long-lasting days to create healthy habits and integrate them into our games.

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