7 cute hairdos for dolls
April 15, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Yanina is the sweetest of the entire group of friends at Club Hello Kitty. And she loves to bake cakes and all kinds of desserts. But we recently discovered that she also likes to look good while she bakes. We´re not only talking fashion, but hairdos. So we stopped by her house this afternoon to check out her latest hair accessories: Hello Kitty pins, blow dryer, curling iron and mirror. Yanina´s promised to give us tips and advice for hairstyles that are east and fast to make. “So the girls can practice on me and their parents on them,” says Yanina. How much fun! It’s a great activity to share with the little ones at home while they develop their creativity and their fine motor skills.

Yanina´s Hairdos

1. Romantic style: Straight or curly, long or short, wet or dry, this hairdo adapts to any type of hair. All you have to do is take two extensions of Yanina´s hair, on either side of her face, and pull back, twist and tie with hairpins. At iVillage, they offer this simple to follow tutorial. The best part of this hairdo is that it avoids hair falling into your face. My friend Kelly wears her hair like this when she has a rock concert”.

2. Knot Ponytail: Yanina has her own personal style. She wants to be original. That´s why, when she discovered this look at Cute Girls Hairstyle, she went bonkers. “It´s a regular low ponytail, a bit on the side. Once you do it, take the ends and stick the hair between the elastic band and your head.” You can also decorate it when a romantic style hairdo, described above.



3. The Bow Bun: It might look complicated but in reality this is just a high ponytail turned into two buns with a strand of hair in the middle, to resemble a bow. You can watch the tutorial here at Small Fry Blog. “It reminds me of Hello Kitty´s hairstyle”, says Yanina. “Each time I wear my hair like this, my friends ask me how I do it!”

4. Crown Braid: This hairdo is very easy to make and it helps develop concentration skills. All you have to do is a simple braid on the side and continue to braid until you reach the other side of her head. You can tie it with an elastic band in order to create a crown like braid. You can see the results here at The Blue Closet. If your hair is too long, Yanina recommends making this Braid over Braid like the one that Nancy has in her blog. “I wore my hair like this on my last birthday. Nancy has great ideas!”

5. Colourful ponytail: Ideal for swimming classes. “We need my blow-dryer for this hairdo,” says Yanina. Once we dry our hair, we pull it into a high ponytail. All along the “tail” we tie colourful elastic hair bands, like this one here: She can look into the mirror to see her new hairstyle. Zombie Princess Rapunzel will love this hairdo! “ she says.

6. Two ponytails: Part your hair on the side, separate it in two and make two ponytails, one on each side. Look at the picture on Lil Miss to see what it looks like. “If you leave a strand of hair over your forehead and then stick it behind your ears, it looks amazing,” says Yanina.  She straightens her hair out so this hairdo looks better.

7. Mini braids: The fun part of this hairdo is to make many different braids all around your head. But you can also try with this hairdo by Twist Me Pretty. They are very pretty for a party or when practicing sports. Telma, the athletic one of the Club Hello Kitty group usually wears them to roller-skate.


What hairdos do your children like making for their dolls? Have you tried them on your little ones?

Photo Credits: Famosa

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