7 ideas for a Star Wars party
February 4, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Carnival is right around the corner and is one of the most awaited events for kids and adults alike. We all love to dress in costume or become someone else we admire, even if it’s for a short while. It can be real or imagined characters as well as creatures form another planet. This year, during Carnival, and after premiere of the latest Star Wars movie, many kids will ask their parents for help organizing a theme party inspired by their favourite movies. Keep reading to know how to prepare the party of the year!

Remember that, more than just another action movie, the Star Wars series, activates our imagination and curiosity for space, robotics and other important issues such as peace and world justice as well as mind control like the Jedi, who manage strength and speed, and reflexes with the power of their minds. That´s why, this year, if your children ask you to help them organize a Star Wars party for their friends, don´t hesitate. And may the fun be with you!

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7 ideas for a Star Wars party

1) Special Invites. On the Internet, there are plenty of pictures of the movie that you can download and print, leaving a blank space where to write important information such as whom, where and when. Being Carnival, we suggest you ask your guests to come dressed up in their very best galactic attire.

2) Games and Activities. It´s fun to think about all the games the kids can play at the party but make sure you suggest, not demand. They should be the ones to decide. We suggest the Four Tests, that is explained in this website, in Spanish, suggest the kids sit in a circle and an adult or the host read the following out loud:

 “In a Galaxy not far away, the Jedi will meet. All the young padawans present here will have to pass these four tests, which according to the Jedi, are necessary …”

Think of four test they can do in pairs, as a group or individually such as obstacle races or pin the tail to the donkey…Just like the site suggests, the idea is that each test correspond with a level that requires a concrete ability.

Level 1: Make the force be with you

Level 2: Speed

Level 3: Skill

Level 4: Trust

From each test, one or more players will be given a Jedi certificate. Remember to download and print one for every child.

3) Organize a costume contest. It´s preferable to begin with the little ones and choose the jury.  With a little bit of music, have each child come forth. Make sure there are prizes for all so no one loses. Who? By establishing categories such as the best handmade costume, the most creative costume, etc.

Would you like to know how to make a Jedi costume that needs no sewing?  The only thin you´ll need is brown and white felt and a pair of scissors. Learn how to here.

4) A galactic piñata. On this website, they show you how to make a Star Wars piñata. You can add personal touches with images drawings or pictures of the movie.

5) When its time for snacks, you can create these fun R2D2 cups. Download, print and stick to white paper cups. Make sure you don’t do all the work. If they´re old enough to have seen the movie, they´re old enough to help out. If you want ideas for delicious and fun recipes, read this post.

6) Have a photo-call section where each child gets their picture taken. The backdrop can be a black cloth with stars made of aluminium foil.

7) Invite the film’s characters to the party.  Famosa celebrated the recent premiere of Star Wars by creating adorable softies toys inspired by the film´s main characters.  It would be a great idea to have them as special guests in the party so your kids have a great variety of game possibilities. If you´d like to check them out and learn more, we encourage you to do so here.

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Photo Credits: FamosaAdam Ziaja




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