7 ideas to get them into bed without any fuss
August 17, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Some children resist going to bed and bedtime can become a nightmare. Parents, however, can turn things around and make going to bed something fun instead of torture. How? Keep reading to discover 7 ideas that will make your nightmares turn into sweet dreams, for everyone.

A stroll in pyjamas

A bit of fresh air can be very stimulating for you and it tires them out. Take a short walk with your kids before bedtime and after dinner. Just like we did when they were only babies, this type of activity relaxes them. And if they are already wearing their pyjamas, they´ll love the adventure and get them to think “out of the box.”

Lights out!

To create a soothing atmosphere, the best thing to do is keep lights dim or out. Even when its bath time, try keeping lights at a minimum. The combination of warm or hot water with dim lighting produces a calming and relaxing effect. You can also turn it into a game. Having dinner by candlelight or giving each family member a flashlight and taking turns to read out loud to each other or creating your own shadow theatre by using your hands when the kids are already in bed.

Photo Album

Looking at pictures is a relaxing activity, which will inevitably get them to close their eyes. To make it fun, we suggest you turn it into “Where´s Wally!” Depending on their age, you can say things like: “Find Daddy dressed up as a lion” or “Do you see Mommy holding a dog?” If they´re a bit older, you can add other concepts such as: Find the only photographs of aunt Lily smiling” or “Discover Mommy´s worst hairdo.”

Gymkhana and off to bed!

This game consists in hiding objects related to going to sleep around the house. They have to find the clues to be able to go to bed. For example, hide his pyjamas somewhere and as soon as he finds them, he must put them on. Next, you can hide his toothbrush in the fridge and as soon as he finds it, he´ll have to brush his teeth. His final clue might be to find his teddy bear, which can be hidden under his pillow.


Off to the car we go!

Surprise them! Once they´ve had their bath, brushed their teeth and are in their pyjamas, invite them for a night ride. Have them bring along their favourite blanket and teddy bear and make sure they are wearing their slippers. Take them to see the sunset or the stars. You can also read a storybook to them using a flashlight. Being in another context, will make it fun and easy.

Toy Race

Motivate them to pick up their room and you´ll see how fast they get tired. But turn it into a game so it´s fun. Each of your kids will have to tidy their room before their siblings do. Whoever is the first, will listen to a story before bed or be able to play their favourite videogame the following day. If your kids are very young, they’ll need extra help. You can get the older kids to finish picking up their room and helping their younger sibling before the time runs out. That way everyone wins.

Family Time

Make sure you spend quality family time together at least 15 minutes before going to bed. You can talk about your favourite moment of the day and what you will do the next. This allows you to create healthy communication skills with your kids. Another idea is to turn your days into stories.

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