8 Amazing Math Apps
September 11, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Math, for many students, is a very hard subject. Old teaching methods and bad teachers cause a general disinterest in math and a low self esteem in students. But school isn’t the only place where math has a bad rap. Often times, parents aren´t able to transmit the practical benefits of studying math. Just as important as cultivating their scientific mind, we must get kids interested in math. Whether it´s at the supermarket or at the toy store, new technologies and toys can make math fun. Here are 8 math apps that will help your children learn and enjoy math.


Montessori Math: Multiplication

Children usually learn their multiplication tables by heart. Most of them, however, don´t understand the concept behind them. This app is designed to teach children between 6 and 10, the secrets behind the foundations of math. A friendly monster guides them thru 4 activities and 3 different games while they explain what exactly multiplication tables are for.

Fast Math

There´s nothing better than solving a mathematical equation to maintain your child´s brain active. The Quick Math app has been created exclusively for that purpose. Your daughter will be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide or a mix of all. She´ll be able to write the solution with her finger, as if it were a pencil and together, you´ll be able to see how she progresses. Designed for children between 6 and 12.

10 Fingers

There is no better way to teach children numbers than using our 10 Fingers. This entertaining app allows children to discover numbers by placing their hands on the screen of a Smartphone or iPad. Three different types of activities will teach your son to associate numbers with objects, the spelling of numbers and basic addition.


Numerosity is a great app that allows children to combine numbers and discover the basics of math by trial and error. The app was awarded with The Teachers Certified badge and can be played by several kids at the same time.

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Kids Learn Math

Kids Learn Math features a colourful, simple design so toddlers can learn basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) easily and at their own pace.

Tic Tac Time

Math is present in our day-to-day life. That´s why it’s important to learn other ways of approaching numbers, such as telling the time. Tic Tac Time is an app that breaks down the day to learn how to tell time. Children must play and win a game before passing onto another. There are 6 different games included. Winner of the Parent´s Choice Award.

Motion Math: Wings

This curious app called Motion Math: Wings features a bird, which children must follow, around different islands, resolving math problems. As their level of expertise increases, so does the adventure.

Jazzy 123

Remember our article that spoke about the benefits that learning music has for children? Jazzy 123 is an app that links the world of math with music and teaches children numbers thru melodies and instruments such as the sax, flute or trumpet.

Do you know of other math app for children? Why do you think that math is such a difficult subject?


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