8 Tips for a Great Back to School
September 9, 2013  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

September has arrived and school has too. Many children feel nervous about the many changes that come about at this time of year: new teachers, new friends and, for some, even a new school. But luckily, there are ways to ease this transition and make it fun. These tips will help you and your family begin the new school year full of energy and optimism.

Begin by celebrating. The weekend before school starts, organize a small family party or barbeque to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year. Take advantage of the opportunity to tell your kids about your own school stories and what you liked best at their age. This will also motivate them to share their experiences with you.

Positive differences. If your child is going back to the same school, you can talk with him about the positive differences that will happen this year. If he’s going to be in 1st grade, remind him that this year he can play in the big kids’ playground or eat in the lunchroom, etc… Help him experience something new with hopeful anticipation and reduce his fear of the unknown.

A trip to school. If this is your child’s first year of school or if he’s starting a new school, taking a trip together before the first day is a great idea. Take a stroll or drive thru the school neighborhood, show him where the playground, bathroom and classes are and introduce him to his teachers. This will help your child create a personal connection, which will make him comfortable in his new environment and create an easy transition.

Have fun remembering. Several days before classes begin, help your child remember his friends at school, his classmates and teachers. Also, have fun remembering the best and most enjoyable activities from last year.



Get back on schedule. Getting up for the first day of school is an important change for everyone so doing it gradually can ease the transition. Before classes start, wake them up a little earlier every day and make sure dinner and his going-to-sleep routine begins ahead of time.

Participating is fun. It’s important that kids feel like they’re contributing because it makes them feel independent and responsible. Covering books together, preparing his backpack, labeling his materials, etc… are some of the fun activities to do together as a family. You could also play at projecting what will happen on the first day of class or the first week at school.

When school gets out. During the first few weeks of school, try to pick your child up or make sure to call him when school’s out so he can share his day with you. Ask him how he feels and make sure he knows you understand. Listen carefully and create a good environment where your child will feel at ease to share his worries with you.

Enthusiasm. Whenever possible, wake your child up with enthusiasm and a healthy breakfast. Make sure you instill security and how important and fun it is to grow up and how great he’s doing.

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