Back to school after winter break
January 4, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Most children will be back to school soon after their winter break. But getting them prepared will requiere some work. Don´t worry, it will be well worth the time and effort. In order to avoid stressful mornings and help your kids make a smooth transition, we want to give your some tips on how to slowly change your routine. Theirs and yours.

Just like we suggested here, there are many ways to organize ourselves to avoid the stress and nostalgia of the holidays. And the key is to show a great deal of happiness and optimism.

But ideally, you should add that dose of good humour to the tips below. 

  • Slowly change their sleeping and eating times to bring them back to schedule. Kids, like adults, need time to get back into the routine.
  • After so much holiday candy and treats, it´s also important to start offering the entire family food that boosts their energy levels such as fruit, carbohydrates and veggies.


  • Slowly but surely, have them combine playing with their new toys with tasks that need to be done at home. This way, they won´t notice such a big change when school starts and they have to spend time studying or doing homework. Being able to manage several activities requires an organized mind.
  • Another fun activity they can do before school starts again is to think of what they will tell their friends in class or their teacher. By keeping them in mind or simply talking about them, will get the kids excited for the transition back to school.
  • Make sure to talk to your children about school, while they are still at home. “What did your friend Daniel do at Christmas? Are you looking forward to seeing him? What will you tell everyone on your first day? Is there a gift you would like to make and then take to class?” If you´d like to know what gifts kids can make at home, we encourage you to read this article. 
  • Be patient with them. No one likes going back to the routine, especially after Christmas break. That´s why we should maintain a positive attitude and show them to see the bright side of things.
  • Keep them engaged in learning. Even when they´ve gone back to school, if they´ve discovered something they truly like during Christmas, like cooking, arts and crafts or riding a bike, make sure they have enough time to keep improving.

Remember to keep stimulating their imagination and creativity but also improve your relationship by communicating and showing them affection. We should be present in the lives of our children, even though we don’t have much time. If this is your case, you´ll be happy to know that even if it’s a little, quality time does have its impact.

How do you prepare your kids to go back to school after winter break? Please send us your thoughts so we can share them with our readers.

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