Barriguitas teaches kids to take care of their pets
July 15, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

The majority of children will promise you anything in exchange for having a pet. But when it finally arrives and the newness wears off, kids tend to neglect their “new best friend.” Barriguitas Child and Pet knows a lot about this from experience. Her own daughter acted this way when her dog Blanca got home. So, how did Barriguitas solve it? We asked her and this is what she said: “Organization, participation and communication between parents and children is crucial so the entire family can enjoy their new pet.“ After listening to Barriguitas, we asked for some more advice. Barriguitas dog, Barriguitas cat and Barriguitas bunny, also participated in the conversation.

Barriguitas Advice #1: “Make a list of all the chores that are required when having a pet.”

Once you do this, assign daily and easy chores to each child. This is better than asking them to do a difficult and less frequent chore. An example would be to fill the water bowl every day. You should also explain why this chore is so important and what would happen if they don´t.

Remember that each family member should participate in taking care of the pet. Barriguitas Mommy & Dogs added the following piece of advice: “The most important thing is to remember you are a role model. Kids learn to take care of others, pets included, through observing how you behave.”

Barriguitas Advice #2: “Award them when they take good care of their pet.”

If your children assume their responsibilities, it´s time to award them. And we know the best awards come with fun activities. Barriguitas Camper suggests the following: “When my daughter grooms and takes care of her bunny rabbit, I let her play with it in the tent.”  By doing so, parents reinforce their good behaviour and it also increases the probabilities of them continuing with their responsibilities.


Barriguitas Advice #3: “Don´t use the pet as a prize or punishment for other things.”

For example, if your son has misbehaved during lunch, don´t get the pet involved by not letting him play with it. This could cause feelings of frustration or resentment towards the pet. However, a good idea is letting him do something he considers boring. For example, have him clean out the cat litter box and then let him play with the cat.

This will make him understand that a pet isn´t all fun and games. There are tedious chores to take care of too. “Kids who come to the Barriguitas Hairdressing Salon”, says Barriguitas, “must take them for walks before they wash and brush them. They might not have a good time doing the first chore but they have great fun doing the second.”

Barriguitas Advice #4: “Keep your children interested in their pet.”

A good idea is to invent games or buy new toys for your pet. This way, we will encourage our kids to keep them interested. Another option is to motivate them to learn more about their pet. Barriguitas Poni says: “Ever since my mommy brought Florinda home, I know so much about horses.”

Every pet requires work and responsibility

Having pets is an excellent way to help kids become responsible but they can also become a headache if the entire family doesn´t participate. If your children constantly forget to feed, walk or clean up after them, remind them that, like people, animals need water, food, exercise and good hygiene.

Just try not to criticize them too much however, as they can end up feeling guilty and can develop anger issues with their pets. Instead, ask them why they haven’t done their chores and discover new ways to renovate their interest towards their pet.

Remember, having a pet has many benefits but there must be a balance between the responsibilities required and the good times they provide.

How do you encourage your kids to take care of their pet?

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