Become a Fashion Designer at Club Hello Kitty
December 8, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Yanina, Isabella, Telma and Kelly are four very different friends who share a common passion: Hello Kitty. Together they’ve created Club Hello Kitty so fans from all over the world can join together. We had the privilege of interviewing them here at The Toy Blog and discovered not only how much fun these dolls are, but how they help improve children´s creativity. The proof is that each doll has their own online design game at Famosa. If your kids love to create, draw and decorate, make sure you introduce them to these four fabulous dolls.

This isn’t the first time we´ve spoken about how important it is to help children develop their creativity.  In the article “Shall we make a collage”, for example, we spoke about arts & crafts and how this activity improves their fine motor skills, boosts their imagination and helps them to express their feelings.

But there are children who reach a certain age and start feeling that arts & crafts are for “the little kids”.  If this is your case, what can you do to motivate them and keep their creative engines running?

Well, you have two options: get them excited about more complex activities such as cooking, photography or playing an instrument or helping them discover other artistic activities that are more in line with their age and have that “grown up” feel.

Playing to be a designer is a good example of this type of activity.  It will surely call their attention just by its name but in practise as well, as it involves making use of the imagination, drawing, colouring and making a dress for a doll.


You might wonder: if it´s basically the same as making a collage, why would they prefer this? Quite simple. Playing to be a designer allows them to act like a grown up, at least for a while. It also allows them to connect to the game using a device such as a cell phone, tablet, and computer. Being able to play with a tool that grown ups use will make it that more enticing.

This is precisely what the four Club Hello Kitty online games offer. Since each doll is different, your child will be able to design an object inspired by a unique personality. Isabella is a fashionista and might need a dress. Kelly is a rock star so she likes guitars. Telma is a sports fan so skates would be ideal for her and sweet Yanina might want to try some cupcakes.

These four games allow children to make their own decisions and search for creative solutions, two of the necessary steps towards independence and autonomy. The games also encourage social skills because once they´ve finished their design, kids can share it with their friends thru Facebook or email by pressing the “send to a friend” button.

On the other hand, even though these are online games, children get to design the old fashioned way: by downloading the design onto the desktop, printing it and thus creating a beautiful cut out.

Yanina, Isabella, Telma and Kelly all write about Hello Kitty related activities in their blogs and each have their own downloads available. For free, you can access fun ABC´s, cute masks for a birthday party and personalized frames for pictures. Three wonderful cut outs they can use to keep their creative juices flowing.

Would you like to become a designer with your kids and Club Hello Kitty? Did you play with cut outs when you were little?

Photo Credits: Famosa


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