Benefits of dressing their dolls
December 30, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

One of the best moments for parents is observing, from behind the doors, how their children play, speak and invent stories on their own. While the adults think of innocence and the beauty of growing up, kids entertain themselves and learn how to understand the world they’re actively engaged in. Activities, simple in appearance, such as dressing their dolls, activate very complex social and motor skills they need to develop. Far from just playing, there are things to be gained. Today, we would like to tell you what kids get out of dressing their dolls.

Just like we mentioned in this post, dolls are fantastic toys for kids (boys and girls). Playing with them isn´t any different from tossing a ball. It´s all fun and part of their healthy development because it allows them to free their minds and delve into their imagination and creativity.

Putting their dolls to sleep, feeding them or dressing them, makes their tender and nurturing side (empathy) flourish. But it also teaches them to put into practice their fine and gross motor skills as well as creating their tastes and their personality.


Nenuco toys and accessories, on the market now for 35 years, continues to create clothes for kids can they can dress their favourite dolls. Check out the latest line of clothing here.

Nenuco makes it easy for parents. Here, you can browse by age, type of accessory or name in order to chose the clothes they like best for their dolls. We encourage you to check out the 4 new two-piece sets of doll clothes here.

Another benefit that dressing their dolls has is kids end up finding their own tastes in clothes. Their selection might seem comical but it´s important to let them decide while they play so they become independent.

Choosing colour combinations and patterns will help them create their own style. And more importantly, it will allow them to play at being grown up and control some aspects of their life. According to Lisa Brunnage, from Bratbusters Parenting, “letting them decide what clothes they wear is one of the ways in which they can exercise control over themselves.”

Remember to ask them to dress their dolls for a special occasion or for the day. It might be raining so their doll should dress accordingly. If they play at doing this, they´ll learn what to do when they dress themselves.

Aside from this latest clothes collection of cute clothes, Nenuco offers special costumes for dolls so kids can create their own stories and adventures. “Where is your Nenuco going today? Is she a character from a book or from one of your stories? Is this Nenuco like you? What do you and Nencuo have in common?”

Remember that every time we ask a question, we need to give them enough time to answer and help them understand that they don´t know. As we suggested in other posts, it´s important to motivate our kids to ask questions. By choosing the clothes to dress their dolls, they are playing sure. But they are also putting a lot of things into practice: social and motor skills, vocabulary, imagination and creativity.

Did you know that the Nenuco website has a special section for parents? You can download the parent guide to playing with dolls as well as educational videos.

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