Berta Dominguez & Little Big Kids: our Wishmakers this month!
September 28, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Our Wishmaker this month is Berta Dominguez, founder of Little Big Kids, a creative centre for children located in a cosy, magical house in Madrid, Spain. Ascribed to the Spanish Pedagogy Society, their main mission is to develop innovative thematic workshops (ancient Egypt, Sherlock Holmes, Space Adventures, Art, etc.) where the little ones´ imagination and knowledge is stimulated while they learn about respecting the environment. Although Dominguez spent many years helping companies market products to children (Disney was one of her clients), her dream was to set up a company of her own, where she could offer her “vision of how to interact with kids in a more creative and stimulating way.” Five years later, Little Big Kids is a reality and their core curriculum consists of tailored made activities for schools but it also offers a fantastic alternative to the classic birthday parties! Your kids will probably have never experienced something like it before. As the founder says: “there are nothing like it”. Little Big Kids is a wonderful space. Join us by reading our interview and discover Little Big Kids!

Little Big Kids is another way to celebrate a birthday. How is it different?

We want kids who come to Little Big Kids to leave different. He or she must have fun while they learn, discover or experiment something new and without even realizing it. It´s stimulating in an intellectual and fun way. We didn’t even know what to call the company as there was nothing like it. That is why we called se the terms “Pedagojuego, Imagijaja), Creatiprender (in English, loosely translated as Pedagame, Imaginehaha, CreativeLearning).  For each activity, specific content and scripts are created by specialists such as historians, advertising specialists, filmmaker…even economists.

Why did you choose a box as your logo?

The box, from which endless surprises can appear, is an object you can fill with anything imaginable. It was the idea that the M Barcelona Studio came up with after hearing our concept. They also designed our space.

Some of the workshops are focused on teaching children to respect the environment. What type of activities do you create for this purpose?

We teach them why every thing we do on daily basis has a consequence and how it influences our environment and what they can do to make a positive impact. We have a workshop for schools on Ecology and Recycling.

You also organize activities in English. Can birthday parties be celebrated in English?

The workshops we do in English are directed to schools. These workshops are taught exclusively by native English teachers. Actors direct the birthday parties but they are celebrated in Spanish. We do, on occasion, celebrate a birthday party in English but only when parents request it.


What differences are there between the activities you do for schools and those for families?

The activities designed for schools are the core of Little Big Kids. They are in English, are academic and are called English Days. We use our own methodology but the contents are wide and varied. We belong to the Spanish Pedagogy Society and we provide knowledge on economy, natural science, geography, and film…

Returning to the family workshops, can parents participate?

No, parents are kept in specific areas or in our quiet and cosy garden. You really can´t believe you´re in the middle of the city. Our specialists are the ones who are with the children, they know exactly what to do and the program to follow.

Ancient Egypt, Sherlock Holmes, Space Adventure, Art for Kids… Why did you choose these themes for the family workshops?

A Journey around the world, Exploring the Universe, Treasure Island, Dances of the World… Each one encloses a small universe and serves as an excuse for a didactic and entertaining approach to what we want to explain. Normally, these subjects are taught to children in a very serious and academic manner so its great they can have fun while they learn who Howard Carter was, for example and how he discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Why do you think children would like to celebrate their birthday at Little Big Kids?

Because they’ve probably never celebrated a birthday like this before. It´s 2.0

What can we, as parents, do to stimulate their love for knowledge and creativity on a day-to-day basis?

The most important thing we can do is make it fun, digestible and entertaining. There are a thousand methods. We should have fun while we teach and they should have fun learning. It´s just a matter of thinking along those terms.

One of the messages of Little Big Kids is “learning is beautiful”. What is the most beautiful thing you´ve learned from kids?

That we can teach them in a different way. One which is satisfactory, stimulating, positive and fun! It implies effort, work, specialization, trial and error but it can be done.

Photo Credits: Little Big Kids


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