Bilingual Apps and what science is saying
January 26, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

If you a bilingual family or have decided to learn another language this year or even perfect the second language you already know, congratulations!  It is one of the best gifts you can give your children. Today, at The Toy Blog, we offer you the latest scientific studies related to learning other languages and a list of the best bilingual apps.

Throughout the years, we´ve published numerous articles on the importance of learning other languages. We´ve highlighted programs and workshops and offered clues as to how to raise bilingual children and how to learn other languages by playing. Recently, however, we discovered several studies that prove that children who are raised in bilingual households have longer attention spans and their cognitive skills improve vastly. 

Judy Willis has dedicated practically her entire life to studying bilingual children and she assures us that in comparison with monolingual kids, bilingual children do better on their tests, are less prone to distractions and are able to make better decisions. Thanks to fMRI´s, scientists can actually measure the activity in the prefrontal cortex and have discovered that this translates in better cognitive skills, self-regulation of emotions, memory and analysis. 


Just like we mentioned in this post, giving kids technology has its pros and cons. But if we follow the advice of experts and our kids use it in moderation, they can improve their observation abilities, curiosity and problem solving. Keep reading to discover the best bilingual apps and activities you can do at home with your kids to reinforce their languages.

The Best Bilingual Apps 

Babblemania is an app created by Lite for children bilingual in Spanish and English.

Bilingual Kids is an app that helps kids learn German as a second language, using fun flash cards.

Think Bilingual. This app is really a game for the entire family. There are three levels of difficulty and the languages offered are: Spanish, French and English. For kids 8 years old and over.

My First Dictionary is an interactive dictionary with beautiful illustrations. Each page contains hand written, capitalized letters with their definitions and translations. Kids will also be able to hear what the correct pronunciation is for each word.

To make the most of these apps, Common Sense Media recommends parents do the following:

  • When parents join kids in learning another language, it´s not only fun but also it reinforces the message that learning another language is necessary.
  • Reading bilingual books is another way to learn vocabulary and reinforce it. It´s better together.
  • Watching TV programs for kids and films in their original language is another way to expand vocabulary, engage in conversation and help with pronunciation. Take advantage of the new technology that allows choosing languages when watching online films and programs.

Were you already familiar with these apps? Are you a bilingual household?

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