Blue Planet Tales
July 3, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Reality is often times, harder to believe than fantasy, including our very own. And although we know that the history of Earth and its civilizations is full of adventures, discoveries, findings and outstanding characters we have to be very good at storytelling to get children interested. This is the premise with which Blue Planet Tales was born, an educational app, which offers interactive stories so kids can appreciate, understand and learn about real, passionate subjects found in nature, science and history.


Blue Planet Tales tells the story of adventurers, discoverers, inventors and other mythical characters such as Blackbeard, the pirate. And each one teaches kids the key facts so they can explore, learn and have fun while they do so.

Its success has generated so much interest between the educational sector and children, that many schools have begun to use this app in classrooms. Supervised by psychologists, speech therapists and teachers, each story provides unique, fun and educational experiences. 

Like any good story, these offer important lessons such as the value of triumph or failure, resilience and teamwork. Because just like fairy tales or classic storybooks, our passionate History is full of heroes and their faithful friends and companions.

Each story is interactive so kids will have a blast while they are encouraged to ask questions and think of answers to reinforce what they learn. And if they make a mistake, they can review the material and correct it.

Other subjects include dinosaurs, space exploration, the discovery of America, scientific achievements, geography and the construction of the ancient pyramids. And each has sound effects, texts and beautiful illustrations, created by talented artists.


As we suggested in our post “Things we can provide when playing with our kids”, in this case, we encourage you to take advantage of this app to stimulate and cultivate their imagination, creativity, vocabulary, observation skills and critical minds.

If you are still doubting whether to buy your kids apps, remember that computers, smartphones and tablets are a window to the world and to learning. Plus, they improve their observation skills and help them solve problems too. Recently, here at The Toy Blog, we published an article, which included a statement by Heather Kirkorian, assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin. She believes: “Children who interact with screens improve their learning, make fewer mistakes and learn faster.”


Available in various languages, including English and Spanish, you can download this app from your iPhone or Android. If you´d like to try it first, there is a free version, which includes previews of eight stories.

Blue Planet Tales also has their own Facebook page and their bilingual website.

If you haven’t had the chance to read our article about the 5 best history apps designed for kids, please do so here.

Would you like to learn several tips on storytelling? We encourage you to read this post, published here at The Toy Blog by Famosa.

Were you familiar with Blue Planet Tales?

Photo Credits: Blue Planet Tales

Photo Credits: Tim & Selena Middleton


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