Celebrating Christmas at the PinyPon Villa
December 24, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Today is Christmas Eve and we´ve been invited to a banquet in the new PinyPon Villa. It´s going to be so much fun! We put on our party clothes and got into our car, arriving a bit before scheduled so we could see the Villa and help our hosts with the final touches before the guests arrive. The Villa, on the outside is beautiful. It has large bay windows, a fuchsia coloured roof and a terrace with colourful flowers. We can´t wait to go inside so we knock on the door and to our surprise, the doorbell really does ring! The door opens and Piny Boy welcomes us in.

The Pinypon Villa, room by room

The hallway

As soon as we walk in, we find ourselves in a small hallway, painted blue. When we turn around we notice there is a small doorway for the dog. “When you rang, I knew it was you because I saw you through the intercom”, says Piny Boy. Intercom? Indeed! There is an intercom on the side in order to see who is there. This Villa is super modern!

The Kitchen

We continue our tour of the villa with the ultra modern kitchen. It smells incredible. There is a lamb roasting in the oven and a delicious sauce keeping warm in the microwave. The extractor is on so the smoke disappears and the plates, saucepans and pots are full of delicious food. We will eat like Kings! “Where should I put the cake I made?” I ask Piny Boy. He points towards the fridge. When I open it, a light turns on, like the real fridge! How cool is that!


The bedroom

Suddenly, I realize I haven’t yet said hello to our second host: Piny Girl. “Where is your girlfriend?” I ask. “Upstairs in the bedroom.” I run upstairs and I discover her in front of the mirror. She’s trying on different party dresses. On a hanger she has a bunch of dresses waiting to be tried on and in a box under her bed, she has all her accessories. “Please help me! My guests are about to arrive and I cannot fidn my silver tiara!” We search and search but we can´t seem to find it! Suddenly, she turns on the nightstand and there it is, on the pillow! The tiara is amazing and it looks incredible with her braided hair.

The bathroom

While Piny Girl does her makeup, she tells me she had a bubble bath today. She was so relaxed that she totally lost track of time. “Don´t look in the toilet. I left a bit of a surprise,” she says laughing.

The Garden

Piny Boy has already set the table so he´s waiting for us on the lounge chair watching TV. “It´s a plasma TV”, he says when he sees us arrive.  “And you can plug in your Smartphone and watch anything you want!”  Wow! I also notice a small table with a laptop on it. “My boyfriend is really into technology!” says Piny Girl!

Thirty minutes later, everything is ready for the guests. We prepared some roasted veggies on the bbq to go with the lamb (yes, at the PinyPon Villa, there is a bbq!) We put Christmas carols in each room as well as Christmas decorations. It looks beautiful!  This Christmas Eve will indeed be very special together with PinypPon!

Photo Credits: Famosa



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