Create your own adventures with PinyPon House of Stories
October 16, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Today we´re going on a tour of the new PinyPon House of Stories. How exciting! A soon as we arrive, our imaginations start to run wild. Stories here start at the end and make their way towards the beginning. And all storybook characters meet in the same story. Come with us on this tour to discover what awaits us in this fascinating house!

Cinderella is already dressed as a princess to greet us. “Wait a minute until I change into my other clothes, she says. In a wink of an eye, she wears a house robe and holds a broom. Suddenly, Alice in Wonderland´s rabbit appears at the door. “Cinderella, Cinderella, I want to create my first story, he says. Let´s pretend that your prince arrives late and has to follow me to get to you. It´s already 12 o´clock.” She smiles and replies: “Of course, this house is made to create our own stories. But before we begin, let me show you around. Each room is decorated by a storybook character. Come, let´s start with the kitchen!

Snow White´s Kitchen

PinyPon Snow White is in the kitchen, stirring a large pot. “Is it a magic potion?” we ask her. “You are the creator of this story”, she answers. If you want it to be a magic potion, it will. Besides, I´ve always wanted to be a witch for a day.” Although what this princess really wants is to quit eating apples. So, in our new invented story, Snow White doesn’t eat apples, she eats chocolate. Isn´t  making up our own stories cool?

Rapunzel´s Room

A large braid lands on the floor. PinyPon Rapunzel greets us from the balcony. Her hair is so beautiful! “I´ve been brushing my hair for a while,” she says as she walks us up to her room. “But I´m tired. I want someone to come visit me this afternoon.” We suggest she call PinyPon Alice in Wonderland over for some tea. They might be able to celebrate a real fun no birthday party. What a great idea! But, wait, where is Alice?


Pocahontas´s Garden

Laughter is heard in the garden. It´s PinyPon Pocahontas and PinyPon Alice! They´ve exchanged clothes and are pretending to be one another. Pocahontas runs behind the white rabbit and Alice sings while she embraces a tree. “I really like this new story” – I tell Cinderella and she has me follow her into the next room.

Gepetto´s Workshop

PinyPon Pinocchio is crying in a corner while PinyPon Mary Poppins comforts him. “¡I don´t want to be a liar!, he complains. Luckily we´re here and can change the story. We take some tools and fix his nose. “There it is! ” The wooden toy´s nose will only grow when he says supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. “What do you want, Mary? we ask. “Me?” I´d love a smartphone so I can organize my crazy schedule.” Your wish is granted!

Little Red Riding Hood´s bedroom

A howl is heard form afar. “It´s PinyPon Little Red Riding Hood´s wolf!” screams Cinderella. I follow her to a room where a little girl in a red cloak sits next to a bed where a wolf lays. She asks him about his granny and I say: “Doesn’t she see the wolf is sick? Run, we must give him an aspirin!

Peter Pan´s Roof

Flying over the PinyPon House of Stories, I see a boy. It´s Peter and he has just returned from Neverland. “I have a button for Wendy, Have you see her?”” Sorry, no”, I reply. “But I know a little girl who would love to be given a button. Her name is Rapunzel and she is your neighbour. She´s all alone in her tower, you must go visit her!” Peter Pan thanks me as he rushes off and looks into Rapunzel´s window. I´m sure he´ll think she´s beautiful. Will he fall in love and fly off with her into the sky?

The Moon shines in the sky above. It´s late and time to leave. Cinderella hugs me and asks I return soon. “I will visit the PinyPon Princess and Fairy Palace soon,” she says. “I hope to see you there soon so we can keep making up stories.”  Of course, there is nothing I like better.

What other stories can you think of? Play with your children and the PinyPon House of Stories. You´ll be surprised at what they come up with.

Photo Credits: Famosa


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