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November 24, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

At The Toy Blog, we believe in the importance of fathers when it comes to parenting and their decisive role in the life of their children. Just we like pointed out in this post, “they are vital in their kids education, development and emotional health as well as influence how they see the world.” Now thanks to scientific research and technology, now we also know that the absence of fathers during the critical periods of a child´s life can impair their social and behavioural skills in the future. Discover what science and experts are saying in this post.

According to this article, María Calvo, professor at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain and author of “Dethroned Fathers” (Padres destronados, original Spanish title), suggests that, “the father figure is essential for the correct development of the child and regrets the way society has disaccredited them”. That is why we must integrate fathers in nurturing and caring for their children. In fact, the fathers who do it see immediate results and it promotes a close, healthy and very needed relationship.

Even though we know that the mother is essential in the care of her children, especially when they are babies, the father provides them more autonomy and freedom. “Only when both parents are actively raising their children, do kids grow up balanced and healthy.”

Science is now proving that fathers are necessary for their children´s healthy mental development and is crystal clear when it comes to the consequences of not getting them more involved. Among them are: increased drop out rates, more prone to illnesses and more aggressive behaviours.


Like the article mentioned above states, “households where fathers are absent in raising their children constitute detrimental effects on an entire generation.”

The father´s role is so crucial that many experts, including the team at Parents as Teachers one of the best home visiting programs in the US, has created special Fatherhood toolkits and resources.

Remember that the majority of men do not participate more because we don´t let them or forget to tell them what we expect from them. And we must forget that our kids need both parents.

Let´s get to work

To get fathers to become more involved, the first thing we need to do is let them know how important and necessary they are.

Listening and learning about empathy. Many fathers think their responsibility is limited to offering advice and knowledge. But listening and feeling empathy for their kids has proven to be more important. This way, they are able to create stronger and healthier ties to their children too. Next time, your toddler comes home from school angry or sad, let dad sit with him, listen and show that he cares.

Affection. Psychologist Lloyd Demause has studied this issue at large and according to his research, kids with aggressive behaviour problems are directly related to a lack of their father´s affection and verbal cooing. So next time your baby girl falls and scratches her knee, let dad comfort her.

Honouring your partner. If fathers respect their partner, their kids will learn to appreciate this respectful attitude and lean rot cultivate it as they grow into happy adults.

If you´d like to get more tips, we recommend your follow the advice offered here.

What do you think about getting dads more involved in parenting? 

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