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February 9, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

We all had a favourite toy when we were growing up. Whether it was a toy train, a doll or a teddy bear, they joined us at playtime and fed our imaginations. Today, although toys now come in different shapes, our children, like we did back then, will end up choosing their favourite, that best friend with whom they can confide in and be with them wherever they go. Today, with Valentines Day approaching, we´d like to talk about the adorable Animal Baby Nursery toys by Famosa.

These cute Animal Babies are soft and tender, ideal to cuddle with and take care of. Your little ones will have fun pressing down on their tummies and listening to the adorable baby sounds they make. By doing so they´ll learn to distinguish giggles from burps and sighs from gas, all of which provoke almost instinctive reactions from children towards their baby doll.

Animal Babies can also hold their hands and suck their thumb. If your son or daughters still sucks theirs, a good idea is to have them change roles and become the parent asking their babies to stop! If you didn’t have the chance to read our post, Get them to stop sucking their thumb, we encourage you to do so now!


Animal Babies, created for children ranging anywhere from 24 months to 6 years old, aside from being excellent toys that help kids unwind and get them to express their feelings, they encourage children´s interaction.

If your kids love their Animal Baby, the doll will laugh. But the fun doesn’t end there. Children will be able to feed them and change their diapers and in doing so, they practice their motor skills and their affection. Whether they choose the Chimpanzee, the Tiger, Koala or Giraffe, each one comes with a bottle, a rattle, a diaper and a newborn bracelet so they can write its name.

Aside from taking care of these baby animals by Famosa, these dolls will help them be aware of the wild animals (some, even extinct) that we are so fortunate to have here on Earth. Your son and daughter, just like real life veterinarians, will have to take care of these baby animals by feeding them, cleaning them and loving them.

Did you know that one of their favourite professions in the world is that of a doctor or veterinarian? Whether its to take care of someone, cure them or because they are simple so fascinate with animals, these soft and small stuffed toys are great tolls to discover what is required to do this job. Here is a fun Animal Babies Nursery video that you can watch with your kids.

For those children who have a new baby brother or sister, these adorable Animal Babies will become your best allies. While you take care of the new baby, they´ll be able to emulate and learn valuable things from you when they play. 

If you´d like to discover all the benefits that playing with teddy bears have, read this post!

What do you think of the Animal Babies Nursery by Famosa? Were you aware that they offered so many positive things to children? From The Toy Blog, we encourage you to cultivate their love and generosity.

Photo Credits: Famosa


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