Discover Pinypon Play World, the new app in 3D!
December 3, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Pinypon has just launched a new game, the PinyPon Play World and they are celebrating it! This app, available for iPhone and iPad, gives children the chance to build their own virtual world. A world inspired by the cute PinyPon toys. Plus, this app offers something new with respect to other Famosa apps. Do you what it is? Exactly! The game is in 3d! Your children will be amazed when they see the PinyPon figures pop up from behind the screen. Plus, they´ll be able to look and explore the Play World with their very own avatar, talk to other PinyPons and invite their friends to participate. With Pinypon Play World, they´ll spend hours developing their creativity in a safe and fun environment. Keep reading to discover more about Pinypon Play World!

With Pinypon Play World your kids will reveal the architect they have inside. It might sound complicated but no. This app was designed for girls and boys 4 years old and up. So it´s user friendly and after watching the tutorial, your son or daughter will understand the basic concept and begin building his or her own PinyPon world.

The app offers two games. Build a city and explore the city. But first, the kids will have to create their own avatar. There are so many options, in terms of faces, hairstyles and clothes, that they´ll have loads of fun personalizing their very own PinyPon. And once they do it, may the games begin!

Game 1: Build your PinyPon City

The first thing your kids will discover is a humongous landscape full of grass, lakes and streets. The only thing missing are the buildings. So, they must get to work by touching the wrench icon that opens a pop-down menu where the kids will be able to choose buildings, furniture for the interiors as well as the garden. Shall we create a park as well? They can press on the drawing of the fence, for example, and touch the place where they want it to go and click OK. Their first fence, that will set the park limits, is built.


Game 2: Visit the PinyPon City

Once your children get a hang of building, it´s time to explore. There are thousands of places to discover and many PinyPons to meet! But how do they do it?

  • Explore: Press on the arrows to move around. Close in on buildings, walk up and down the stairs, use the elevators, and look around by sliding your finger across the screen. If you see something interesting (the hamburger place or the bbq at the park), press on the eye to zoom in. If you want to go back, all you need to do is press on the Tele-transporter button.
  • Meet: If they see another PinyPon, the can say “hello” and wave. But they can also dance, clap and play ball. And you know what the best part is? Thanks to its multi-user technology, your son or daughter will be able to invite their friends to take a look at the city and talk to them through the microphone. It´s 100% safe for kids as you´ll have to authorize the invitations.
  • Decorate: At the Pinypon City, your children will also be able to add their personal touch by applying everything they learned in Game 1.

Are you ready to try the PinyPon play World app with your kids? Download it at the App Store from your iPhone or iPad!

Photo Credits: Famosa


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