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November 25, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

The Mutant Busters TV series, broadcast via Neox Kidz, is already a huge success! Your kids are probably already addicted to Famosa´s superheroes´ new animated comedy and watch it every Saturday! Well, now they´ll be excited to know they can also enjoy watching the episodes on the computer where they´ll have access to the online games, available on the Mutant Busters website: And last but not least, there are even augmented reality apps so your kids can discover all the secrets down at Headquarters and Panic Island!

Mutant Busters Online Games

Mutant Busters have four free online games to be played on the website. While fun and entertaining, these games help improve children´s hand-eye coordination as well as their reflexes.

The Attack of the Mutant Spiders: Your son and daughter will have to get into Katani´s shoes, the cool samurai who is a member of La Resistance. Together they must cut the maximum amount of spider eggs in record-breaking time but will have to be carefully. Some eggs have hidden bombs.

The First Battles: This strategy game will make your kids become the leaders of La Resistance! The goal is to complete 50 missions in order to destroy Panic Island, the horrible mutants´ secret hideout.

Escape of the Titan: When playing this game, your children will have to avoid the Giant Titan from catching Scratch Boy! They´ll have to pay attention and be super agile with the mouse so their favourite character doesn’t fall over the precipice or into the snot puddles, while picking up the glass they finds along the way.

Defending Headquarters: The Mutants want to destroy Headquarters with their super attacks and the pig bomb. So, your kids will have to make sure to protect as well as pick up all the gems and medals that the bad guys leave along the way plus other goals they´ll discover as they play.

These games have their own apps for smartphones and tablets. Download them from the App Store or Google Play now. That way your little heroes can join La Resistance anywhere they are.


Mutant Busters Augmented Reality Apps

Mutant Busters are toys that help improve kids coordination and develop their imagination and creativity. Now they also have some thing very cool the kids will enjoy: their augmented reality apps for iPhone and Android allow them to actually interact with the toys.

This video explains how easy it is to set the Panic Island play set up and download the app (there are four to choose from). Then, they just need to take a picture of the 3D stickers that comes with it and voila! the Mutant Busters universe comes to life right before their eyes!

Mutant Buster TV series

The Mutant Busters TV series premiered on October 31st on Neox Kidz channel and is the first animated TV project based on an original idea by Famosa.

In this post, we told you all about the series and how our planet has become a giant bottom invaded by mutants. The toxic gases have provoked explosions that have divided the planet in two: one inhabited by humans of La Resistance and the other where the mutants live (human being that have been transformed into monsters due to the toxic gases. La Resistance´s mission is to end with all mutants while they try to find the antidote that will save humanity.

Famosa´s superheroes have ecological values and teach kids to respect the environment and the terrible consequences of contamination. These toys aren’t just fun, but a means to get kids to think about the need to love, take care and respect our planet.

Don´t miss the episodes on Neox Kidz, which are mini episodes of the TV series and encourage your children to download their very own Mutant Busters ID so they can have access to the secrets and news of their favourite superheroes!

Photo Credits: Famosa


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