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June 3, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Surely you know what Tickety Toc is. Well, your children will know and just in case you are still wondering what it is, Tickety Toc is a children’s cartoon series that keeps coming up among the educational community worldwide. Now, thanks to Famosa, your children will be able to keep enjoying the series by recreating the adventures their friends live on screen. These toys are designed to explore the concepts of teamwork, social responsibility and commitment.

Common Sense Media gave it a good grade because the style of animation stimulates the curiosity and imagination of pre-schoolers. Keep reading to know more about Tickety Toc and discover the toys inspired in the series so your children can play and reinforce these important abilities.

Tickety Toc captivates children through the concept of time and the two main characters: Tommy and Tallulah. Both live in a wonderful world hidden behind the Tickety Toc clock. Each hour, the clock comes to life and our friends must make it work while they continue to do their chores.

In other words, they must learn to organize their adventures with their responsibilities, something that parents try to teach their children everyday. And to do so, they must learn to work in a team, to value friendship and know how to solve problems.

Tommy and Tallulah are 8 years old and are twins. They are the ones who are in charge of making the clock bells ring. But Tickety Toc isn’t a regular old clock and ringing the bells isn’t that easy. While Tommy sees things from a scientific point of view, he asks his creative sister for help so they can solve problems together.


These positive concepts are the reasons why Famosa now offers a line of toys, which help children, improve their coordination, motor skills, imagination and creativity. Remember, we learn as we play and  we can develop our emotional skills while we do so.

Pufferty is a surprising train that helps transport Tickety Town residents from one place to another. The train  has to be on time to take Tommy and Tallulah to ring the bells. Children can activate the train, make the chimney work and listen to the Tickety Toc song while they open and close the doors.

At the Clock House, pre-schoolers will be able to recreate the Tickety Toc adventures.

And the 4 in 1 Puzzle unites all the crazy adventures lived by Tommy, Tallulah and their friends at Tickety Toc. There are 8, 12, 16 and 20 piece puzzles, which is great for getting them to  solve problems. 

The Memory Game offers 48 cards with all the Tickety Toc characters, so kids can develop their memory skills while they play.

The new Tickety Toc Proyector gives children the chance to trace their favourite characters and colour them. This is yet another way to get them to create.

Were you familiar with Tickety Toc? Did you know these toys had so many benefits?

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