Drive a Range Rover with a cell phone
February 10, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

At The Toy Blog, we´ve suggested how toy cars can have tremendous benefits for children. To start, they help them learn concepts such as speed, space and distances. They also allow them to socialize, express themselves and learn about road safety, all very important things to learn. It also teaches them to use their motor skills and coordination as well as learning to differentiate left from right, forwards and backwards. Today, we´d like to tell you all about the new Range Rover by Feber, and how to direct it with the use of a cell phone.

Feber by Famosa, Spain´s leading toy manufacturer, is a fascinating world in which boys and girls play at being grownups. From becoming drivers behind the wheel of a 4×4, a sportscar and exciting motorcycles to the new luxury Range Rovers, inspired by the real ones. All toys meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

With this new toy car, your kids will be able to control their FEBER vehicle using FEBERs Radio Control APP. Do you know why it´s so fun to play with Feber? Because Feber is dedicated to developing quality toys, to ensure that the children we serve enjoy the very best play experiences.


The FEBER RC Radio Control app is an innovative application developed exclusively for use with Feber vehicles. The application allows Feber RC vehicles to be maneuvered and controlled via Bluetooth technology using any device: mobiles or tablets.

The vehicle includes an accelerator, an electrical brake system and a 6v motor engine. With its new Radio Control app, it also allows for parental control. Plus, battery and charger come included.

Imagine what your son or daughter will feel when they experience the adventure of driving a Range Rover, just like the professionals do. We encourage you to watch this video with them.

Your children will also be thrilled to discover that this novelty is actually inspired in real life. Did you know that the Jaguar Land Rover engineers are testing how to accelerate, brake and turn the Range Rover Sport with a cell phone? They can actually use the remote control to exit the parking!

If you didn’t have the opportunity to read about how to teach children road safety, now would be a good moment.

The Toy Insider explains how this Range Rover model by Famosa is becoming the most sought over toy for kids. Its details are so realistic that it will help them imagine they are driving the real thing! Remembe,r this toy car is created for kids 3 years old and over. Download the app for iOS and Android.

And remember to check out this website with your children so they can being to live their Feber adventure today!

Were you familiar with Feber toys? What do you think of this new super vehicle?

Photo Credits: Famosa



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