Eat well with a smartphone!
October 28, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

A balanced diet is essential to help kids develop and grow healthy. Eating habits that children acquire in their first years can influence their lifestyle in the future. That´s why it’s crucial to teach them how to eat well. That is why we´d like to talk to you about the My Food app, which has been created for children to learn about nutrition and health in a fun interactive way. Thank to this app, they´ll understand where food comes from and what happens when food enters our bodies as well as how to cultivate their own gardens. Isn´t this great?

The My Food app has five sections and each one focuses on a different subject. But the first thing your children will have to do is select a friend (avatar) who will join him or her on this delicious adventure.

Once they´ve chosen an avatar, they can go to the My Plates, where they´ll be introduced to different food such as rice, fish, potatoes, pasta and sandwiches. Whether they select all or just one of them, they´ll learn about where that particular food comes from and how important it is do lead a healthy diet and lifestyle.

All they need to do to access the other sections available is press the icon of the knife and fork in the upper left side of the screen. Next, they can try My Garden, where they´ll discover how to grow veggies and herbs as well as take care of their garden and uploading pictures and voice memos. They can even write down their own notes and if they get lost, all they have to do is follow the instructions on the lower section of the screen. They can also read our post: Gardening with Nancy to get great tips on gardening.


The third section is called My Sandwich, where your son and daughter will create their very own ideal sandwich by choosing different ingredients. Included in the app is a place where they can save their recipe to prepare it one day.

Another option they have is to explore the Food Sheet, a section in the app where they can grade different food and check to see how often they are included in their diet. The list is endless and includes proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. Encourage them to take notes of how the feel when they eat each one by using the nutrition wheel.

The last section of this app is focused on nutrition and is called Why we eat and contains everything there is to know about food including different types of diet (meat, vegetarian, vegan, ecological…). They´ll also be able to learn how food travels through the digestive system.

A team of experts, who base themselves on the USDA Food Guide as well as the EUFIC guide to lead a healthy lifestyle, has developed this app. So, their tips and recommendations can be easily applied to real life. Urbn Pockets, who designed the app, offers parents a PDF guide with activities that can be downloaded for free.

What do you think of this app? Is this a good tool to motivate our children to eat well?

Photo Credits: Urbn Pockets


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