emprendeKIDS, our Wishmakers this month!
May 18, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Our wishmaker this month is Rosa Poo, founder of emprendeKIDS (emprender in Spanish means to set about/start something), a learning program destined to encouraging cultural entrepreneurs between the ages of 6 and 16. Before launching this Project, she directed a communication agency oriented towards businesses. In this context, she met many professionals all around the world that got her to think: “Why not make these people more accessible to kids?” That is how she became a pioneer in Spain: by putting children in touch with entrepreneurs. The Project was called Initiator Kids. That was the seed of what is now known as emprendeKIDS, which follows the same principal but now includes educational experts into the equation. Through her summer camps in Cantabria and the emprendeKids Day, children really get to learn what being an entrepreneur really is.

¿What types of activities do you carry out to encourage kids to starting something new, become entrepreneurs?

emprendeKIDS is based on the principle of “you learn by doing” so children should live experiences first hand. Through individual and group sessions, we help them discover their abilities and develop their creativity and critical mind. We begin challenging them to propose a new product or service and we all chip in to offer possible solutions.

Then we stimulate the decision making process and the abilities it takes to plan and manage resources. We also launch the project, by making a prototype and then we communicate it to the world through advanced communication techniques.

How do you make the term entrepreneur appealing to children?

The first phase is called BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR. Young kids think that being an entrepreneur is being a businessman. But we understand that being an entrepreneur is an attitude, a way of life.

Entrepreneurs are people that are capable of transforming ideas into actions. They provide values to the community and become catalysts for change. Throughout that first phase, children get in touch with abilities and talents they thought they never had. We introduce concepts like dedication, effort and consistency. It´s a very dynamic learning environment.


Your informative video says: “Let us prepare our children to make their dreams come true.” But, do they know what their dreams are?

Kids, usually at a young age, don`t know what their dreams are but they do know what things they like best. We find ourselves with children who, at a very young age, either want to create their own videogame or focus on finding solutions to problems within their own community. They feel a need to help others; they feel a need to become social entrepreneurs.

What happens on emprendeKids Day?

We needed to do something about the demand our program was having outside of our summer camps in Cantabria. Other regions and institutions asked us to bring our program to urban environments and create sessions that would last one or several days.

The first program we created was emprendekidsDAY: a single day where young kids have fun in intensive workshops. The results have been amazing and we´ll be celebrating our next one in Alicante on June 20th. And although we wont be doing our summer camp this year, we will travel to Asturias in July and come September, we´ll be present in other cities with different proposals.

Kids are curious by nature and they are not afraid of trying things. In your opinion, why do we lose that entrepreneurial quality as we grow?

There usually is more than one reason. It might be the standardization of education. Everyone is learning the same things and divided into age groups instead of interests. We tend to guide them towards something that is very focused and concrete. But instead we must value other aspects in learning such as disruptive thinking, social skills, and play.

How can parents help their children make their own decisions and learn to manage failure in their daily life?

With small actions. For example, why would you give children a weekly allowance and not ask for something in return? We must value their efforts. It´s good for a child to struggle to get something, it´s good for them to face new challenges.

On the other hand, over protection is creativity´s number one enemy. When we over protect them they are not used to being frustrated and it weakens their strength. Disappointments are normal and part of our learning process. So we must show them how to deal with it in a constructive way. Have them see it as an opportunity to learn. Behind every failure, something positive happens.

Why do you think children need to learn to become entrepreneurs?

Having an entrepreneurial attitude allows them to face problems by thinking about possible solutions. They´ll be prepared to be creators of opportunities, people with initiatives who enjoy learning.

Photo Credits: emprendeKIDS


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