Family Christmas plans, activities and games
December 17, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Last year, during this same month of December, we shared some tricks and advice on how to survive the Christmas season and make it memorable for your children. This year, we´d like to share some ideas, activities and plans that you´ll be able to enjoy with them as a family. From decorating ideas to arts and crafts, games and outdoor fun. Keep reading to discover the best plans and games for a great family Christmas.

Arts and Crafts

Whether you use them to finish decorating your Christmas tree or for adding a beautiful touch to your table, these ornaments and ideas can be made in the comfort of your home and using recycled elements. Instead of buying everything you need, teach your children to discover objects that can easily serve another purpose. This way, they´ll learn how to recycle, help the environment and use their imagination and creativity.


Buttons: Coloured thread and old buttons are enough to create great garlands to hang from the tree or on the door. Let your children choose a variety of colours or have them use the same tones.

Popcorn: Sewn together, they not only make beautiful garlands but children will have a great time making and eating them. Make sure you make enough to decorate and savour. Follow these instructions to make fabulous popcorn garlands.

Centrepieces and Christmas decorations

With Paper: Snowflakes and Christmas trees can be made by recycling paper, old postcards, old newspapers and cardboard. Follow these instructions to discover everything you and your children can make at home.

Gloves: At some point, everyone at home loses a glove or a mitten. Next time this happens, keep them. At Christmas you can use them to create stockings. Fill them with sweets or positive messages. Another idea is to turn old gloves into finger puppets; ideal to keep the little ones entertained this holiday season.

At this website you´ll find out how to make glove monsters and other fun toys made with gloves and mittens.

At Home

If it´s too cold to go outside or you simply want to stay at home, there are many activities and games you can do together. One idea is to have everyone take out all the toys, costumes and accessories they can find in less than 15 minutes. Together you can create a play, inventing your own story and characters.

After that, you can see which toys are broken or are no longer in use so you can donate them. Remember that teaching children generosity is the way to cultivate their empathy and learn how to help and give to others.



In nature, there are many treasures waiting to be discovered. And they make great Christmas decorations as well. Different coloured leaves are a good example. Make sure everyone has a bag to fill with beautiful orange, red, green and yellow leaves so you can make a collage when you get home.

Pinecones also make for beautiful centrepieces. You can paint them, spray them or simply create a candle holder. Do you want to learn how to make a snowman with pinecones? Follow these instructions.

During your walk, don´t forget to collect chestnuts. If they are the eatable kind, you can bake them at home and place them in newspaper cones. They are a great substitute for popcorn and are more nutritious. To learn how to identify the chestnuts you can eat, read here.

Christmas Carols and more. In this previous post, published by The Toy Blog. we selected our favourite apps for Christmas. Practical, fun and created for the entire family.

What plans do you have in store this Christmas season? Remember to share them with our readers.

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