Famosa celebrates the premiere of Star Wars!
December 18, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

There hasn´t been a saga like Star Wars in the history of film! And just yesterday, coinciding with was the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Famosa revealed adorable stuffed toys with the movie´s main characters.  . Never, until now, have grandparents, parents and kids been able to enjoy the same movie like this one. But in order to avoid simple passive entertainment, Famosa offers your favourite characters in the form of plush toys.

These epic-galactic movies were created by director, screenwriter and producer George Lucas back in 1977. 16 years later, the first of a new trilogy made it to the screens. A sort of prequel to the saga. And now, in cinemas across the country you´ll be able to keep enjoying Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Book, comics, TV series, videogames, board games… and now adorable stuffed toys with which you´ll be able to role play and relive your favourite scenes and why not, talk about the values to be learned in Star Wars. Remember to talk to your kids about the movies you watch. It´s a great way to learn how the process things, be able to clear any doubts they have and cultivate their critical minds. Just in case you need some refreshing… The Star Wars saga speaks about good vs. evil, the importance of friendship and loyalty, personal goals and compassion, among others. If we see them from this perspective, watching Star wars and talking about it later, is a great way to educate in emotions and especially teach them how to manage them.

Just like we stated in this post, “cultivating their emotional intelligence has so many benefits that, it should be one of our immediate goals.” Remember that when this type of intelligence is developed, kids learn how to manage them and accept themselves and others. Did you now that kids who are taught emotional intelligence are better prepared for the future?

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Now, thanks to the endearing Chewbacca or the amusing R2D2, your kids will be able to invent their own stories or recreate the ones they saw on screen. Perhaps they might want to fight against Darth Vader, following Yoda´s advice? This Christmas, gift one of these stuffed characters to each family member that is a fan of Star Wars or collect them! Kid will love the fact that they come with the real sounds they hear their favourite characters make in the movies. Remember, these toys are much more than a simple stuffed animal. If you haven’t had the chance to read our post The Benefits of Playing with Teddy Bears, now is the time.

Aside from the emotional values and virtues that the saga highlights, Star Wars allows your kids to put their imagination in action. Their innate curiosity will prompt them to learn about space, robotics and even subjects as important as peace and justice as well as mental skills. Remember that the Jedi manages force with reflexes and speed, among others. The Sith, however, use these same skills to provoke fear and hatred, other interesting subjects to talk about with your kids.

Did you know that stuffed toys help kids unwind? Remember, they should learn how to play quietly too! In fact, if we motivate them to relax while they play, we will be helping them manage their emotions better and get ready for bed!

Common Sense Media, one of the best parenting tools to evaluate children´s content via the internet, films, books and videogames, suggest we wait until the kids are 7 years old to introduce them to the saga.

Would you like to know what other classic movies you should watch with your kids? Click on this link to find out!


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