Famosa launches a line of eco-friendly toys
March 12, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Since 1957, Famosa has been placing their bet on the values that helped them create a culture of their own. Thanks to the quality and safety of their toys, dolls and accessories, children have fun, learn to develop important skills and play with others. But innovation is another important pillar in the making of everything that the company is involved in. To prove it, Famosa, together with Nenuco, has now launched a new line of eco-friendly toys. Keep reading to learn why Eco Play has become something parents and kids simply can´t get enough of.

If safety and quality have always been crucial to Famosa, the environment has too. We know how important it is to teach our children to respect the planet in which they live and the best way to do it is by playing. With this idea in mind, Famosa has been offering children toys that share ecological values such as the Mutant Busters, for example.

These action figures live on a contaminated planet, infected with toxic gas. The only ones who can save the planet are a group of humans who survived the disaster. Children are encouraged to take sides with the members of La Resistance and make sure their planet is restored. 


Here at The Toy Blog, we´ve published recycling activities to do with your children so they become conscious and learn to be responsible. In this post, for example, we explained how to tell your children about the benefits of recycling and offered new ideas on how to build toys made with recycled materials. In this article, we shared 10 eco-friendly ideas for your new -born.

In order to activate their eco-friendly side, children need to incorporate what they´ve learned into their daily routines. And what better way to do this than by playing? Famosa, together with Nenuco, a brand loved by parents and children alike, has just launched Eco Play, a new line of accessories that will keep them entertained and teach them too.

There are 5 Eco products available at The Toy Store and like all their toys, these also help children develop social and motor skills. You can now choose among a high chair, a closet where to hand clothes, a rocker, a changer and a cradle.

We all want our children to become responsible adults. And to do this, they must first acquire their lessons at home. Aside from teaching them to recycle and setting a good example, we should purchase toys that are respectful with the environment so they understand the importance of sustainability. With Eco Play, we can now plant the seeds that will help them become conscious of their decisions.

Remember to encourage them to ask questions and reason. Why is cardboard better than plastic? Can this be recycled? What can we do with this? Can it become another toy?

Had you heard of Eco Play by Nenuco? What do you think of eco-toys?

Photo Credits: Famosa

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