Get ready for the new tv series of Mutant Busters!
September 30, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

The Mutant Busters, those charismatic superheroes whose mission it is to end with the mutants who want to dominate a contaminated planet, are not only one of kids’ favourite toys but by playing with them, children all around the world learn to be conscious and respect the environment. Plus, just like we´ve pointed out here at The Toy Blog, kids play at imagining they are superheroes while they evaluate situations and make decisions, learn to reason and use their critical minds. Kids have so much fun and there are so many benefits (educational, cognitive, social, etc.) to playing with Mutant Busters, that now, thanks to Famosa, Planeta Junior and Kotoc Studio, they will be making their television debut in a hilarious animated sitcom! Keep reading to be the first to get exclusive information and the entire juicy scoop on what the series is all about!

News is spreading like wild fire! A glance at the prestigious industry mag Variety is enough to confirm it. Famosa has teamed up with the Kotoc Studio and Planeta Junior – European leader in children´s entertainment – to develop a new animated sitcom located in a world invaded by stinky mutants. Get ready because the entire planet will be watching it real soon.

Composed of 52 episodes, the series is based on the wild adventures of the Mutant Busters toy collection, targeted to children between the ages of 6 and 9 years old. After the amazing success at Kidscreen, the children´s content market celebrated in Miami, this past February, Mutant Busters will premiere on Neox Kidz October 17th!

We encourage you to visit their website to get your kids ready for the show by viewing all the latest news.


What will the series offer? Nowadays, conscious that exceptional content is not enough, the series incorporates digital features such as cool apps and augmented reality, recreating several locations and missions of the Mutant Busters adventures. Plus, the series presents a novel format: the last thee minutes of every episode will be broadcast not only on TV, but will allow kids to enjoy an interactive experience in digital platforms.

In terms of content, this series will be the first one based on an apocalyptic world that suffers from insufferable levels of contamination. The toxic gases have provoked a series of explosions that have divided the world in two: one inhabited by La Resistance, and another where the stinky Mutants live.

Get ready! On October 17th, don´t miss out on the fun. Organize a fun viewing at home, invite your kids´ friends over and together you can make some delicious snacks and watch the exciting premiere of Mutant Busters, the series!

Photo Credits: Famosa


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