Getting the house ready for the Three Wise Men
January 5, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Whether you live in Spain or not, the story of the Three Wise Men is a beautiful one you can share with your children. You might even want to celebrate it, the Spanish way. A fun and different activity you can do with them at home. In Spain, kids get their presents from the Three Wise Men, not Santa Claus. And parents and children make sure their homes are ready to receive them. Even if you don’t celebrate the tradition, it´s good for the little ones to learn how Christmas is celebrated elsewhere. Keep reading to discover all the magic behind the Three Wise Men!

Children in Spain wait until the morning of January 6th to open their presents but before they do, they get the house ready the night before. Would you like to know how?

The Three Wise Men – Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar – arrive on camels not reindeer and the little ones leave things to replenish their energy. Ask them what they think camels eat and what do the Three Wise Men like? And what if they wrote a note that welcomes them into the house? Remember, by asking questions, you are cultivating their critical thinking process. But make sure you take the time to listen to what they say.


What can we offer the Three Wise Men?

Tradition in Spain encourages sweets and special treats such as nougat, marzipan and polvorones… But why not suggest healthy alternatives? “Sweets are good to boost their energy levels but should we leave them healthy snacks as well? What would they like to eat after so much travelling? What type of food gives us energy?” Remember that camels do no eat sweets so have them think about what would be best. Internet is a great source for learning.

Shall we leave them a note? It´s an activity that requires their language and writing skills as well as their imagination. “What shall we tell the Three Wise Men? What language do they speak? Would they like a drawing?” If your kids end up writing them a letter, make sure to leave a note for them behind, as if you were the Three Wise Men. You can thank them for all the good things they´ve accomplished this year and remind them to be generous and patient.

What about the shoes? Tradition in Spain has it that children leave their shoes outside so the Three Wise Men can leave something in them. Get your child to choose their pair of shoes and make sure they clean them before leaving them outside, another fun activity that reinforces cleanliness and health.

Before going to bed, it´s a good idea to eat light so the kids don´t wake up in the middle of the night. You can also give them a soft massage or any of these exercises so they can relax better.

If you´d like to show your kids how the Three Wise Men room is prepared before they part on their travels, make sure to read this post.

If you were looking for something special and different to do with your kids, try celebrating the Three Wise Men. A great way to teach them about other cultures and appreciate their own.

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