Health and Beauty for kids with PinyPon
December 9, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

We recently published an article on how our kids enjoy pretending they are us. Surely you’ve caught your daughter with your lipstick or your son trying to wear his daddy´s tie or walking around the house with your heels on. “Playing dress up is one of kids´ favourite pastimes because it responds to their need to search for their own identity and with how they are influenced by different genders. This type of role play is copied from watching you get dressed up or looking at how dad shaves or how anyone in their close environment engages in these daily rituals.” Today, we´d like to show you how to teach them to imitate us at the Spa because health and wellness are also important for the little ones.

Today we will learn that role-playing and health go hand in hand with the adorable PinyPons. Remember, “kids learn by imitating others so keep in mind that when they pretend to be us, they are learning behaviour patterns. The men and women closest to them are their source of inspiration and they will copy us down to the finest detail. So don´t be surprised if you recognize yourself while they play.”

Toys are a much-needed tool when to comes down to raising healthy children and teaching them about the world they live in. So, what better than playing with PinyPon, toys that are especially designed for girls and boys 4 years old and up? With them, your children will develop their imagination thanks to the wonderful world created by PinyPon: they have their dose of fantasy with stories, palaces, fairies and mermaids as well as their dose of reality with play sets including houses, boutiques, restaurants, parks and now a Spa and Health Centre.


The Spa Health Centre of PinyPon has a massage table and a Jacuzzi with lights and bubbles. At the beauty parlour, kids can get their hair done and then drink a healthy vitamin rich juice. This play set includes a PinyPon figure but remember all PinyPon dolls and accessories are interchangeable and can be used to play this game.

What can kids learn at the Spa Health Centre?

Spas are not for adults only. Kids get stressed too and need to know how to unwind. Plus, it’s a great activity to do as a family.

At the Spa kids learn to take care of their body and learn about the relaxing benefits that water (hot or cold) has. The important thing is that kids learn to have a positive image of themselves and learn to boost their self-esteem.

It´s also important they know what massages consist in and the infinite amount of benefits they provides. Aside from relaxing them, massages offer physical and emotional wellbeing apart from preventing illnesses.

In this article we told you everything you need to know about unwinding in order to avoid problems with sleep and anxiety as well as teach them to deal with conflicts and manage them. We encourage your to read the article here so you know what to do with your kids when they get a bit restless.

If you´ve already taken them to s Spa or Health Centre, they´ll know exactly how the PinyPon play set works and they´ll relive their experience at home. If you haven’t introduced your kids to a Spa or Health Centre, make sure you do and always place the emphasis on health and wellbeing.

How do your kids learn to unwind and stay healthy?

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