Help Save the Planet with Mutant Busters
December 26, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

It´s in the back of our heads all the time:  we need to teach our children to respect the environment and take care of nature. We recycle at home and we remind them to turn the faucet off when brushing their teeth but are we doing enough? Are our children conscious of these small but important steps? The answer is yes. They are conscious but they probably take it as something they need to do, an obligation and not something they do for fun. In order to change the way they see things we can offer our children toys that have ecological values. The Mutant Busters, the stars at this year´s Juegorama, are a good example.

This isn´t the first time we´ve talked to you about taking care of the planet. In our post ‘Activating their eco-selves‘ we offered ideas on how to incorporate recycling, as well as water and energy savings in your daily routine.

We also wrote about how to recycle paper and school supplies for arts & crafts or even how to make new toys. We´ve encouraged our readers to spend time outdoors with their children discovering, enjoying and respecting nature.

But there is something we still haven´t talked about here: toys that help children learn about the consequences of contamination and why it´s so important to love, take care of and respect our planet.

The Mutant Busters are action figures that were created with that idea in mind. Their story begins on a contaminated planet, infected with toxic gas that some horrible mutants have created. The only ones who can save the planet are a group of humans who survived the disaster and who are called La Resistance.

If you don´t know who they are, why not watch the first episode of the online series together with your children? While you discover each character and their mission, ask your kids why they think Earth was contaminated? Do humans throw a lot of garbage away? what can we do to avoid a disaster? By talking to your children about the environment, we´re helping them think about what we need to do and how important it is to recycle, for example.

Teach them that the good guys are La Resistance, who help clean the planet. To get to know these characters, take a look at their bios on their site and read the interview they did for The Toy Blog.

Each member of La Resistance has their  own characteristics. Once your children feels identified with any member of La Resistance, the easier it will be for you to correct them in real life. For example, if your son throws a plastic container into the paper bin, you can say: “Do you think that´s what Thunder Kat would do?” Get your child to believe  he too is a hero that fights to save the planet.

Humans & Mutants

Practically every week, mini stories about La Resistance and the Mutants are uploaded onto the Mutant Busters website. You´ll find them in the News section. Each week you can read a story to your kids, helping them to understand how the planet can become contaminated and how to avoid it. Circuit, a cyborg who becomes a great hero, for example, tells the story of an eco robot with a metal body who needs to be careful not to rust. You can explain to your kids that Circuit is like a soda can. If we toss it out, the sun will cause serious damage to the ground and all the plants nearby.


Online Games

The Mutant Busters have four online games. They´re free and can be played online at their website. Your children will have a great time and also improve their hand-eye coordination and their sense of anticipation. If they register to get their Mutant Buster badge, they´ll be able to access the rankings.

Mutant Spiders: The player steps into Katani´s shoes, the samurai and member of La Resistance.  The game consists in cutting as many spider eggs as possible in record time. Be careful though. Sometimes what appear to be spider eggs are really bombs. Also available for Android.

The First Battles: This is a game of strategy, in which your son could become the leader of the pack. His mission is to complete 50 tasks in order to destroy Panic Island, the secret hiding place of the terrible mutants. This game is also available for Smartphones and tablets. Compatible with iPhone, iPad y Android.

Escape from the Titan: Playing this game consists in getting the giant titan to avoid Scratch Boy. Your kids will have to pay attention and be very agile with the mouse. Only then will they be able to save Scratch Boy from falling into the precipice, or into the snot puddles along the way.

Headquarter: Super weapons such as the pig bomb, will allow your children to get in the Mutants way and not destroy the Headquarters of ‘La Resistance’. They´ll also have to pay attention and pick up the gems and medallions that the Mutants leave along the way in order to accomplish the mission.

Augmented Reality App

Mutant Busters are toys that improve our children´s motor skills and help them develop their imagination and creativity. But there is something else. Through the Mutant Busters Augmented Reality Apps, they´ll be able to interact with the toy. Available for iPhone and Android.

Just like this video reveals the only thing you´ll have to do to play is build the Panic Island play set, download one of the apps (there are four to choose from), take a picture of the 3D stickers that come with the toy and there you go! The Mutant Busters universe will come alive right in front of their eyes.

What do you think about teaching our children to protect the planet by playing with these toys? Do you think it´s a good idea? 

Photo Credits: Famosa

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