How to be a Good Big Brother
March 5, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

At The Toy Blog, we´ve written about how to get your kids ready for the new baby. From teaching them how to hold their baby sister or brother to helping bathe and feed the little one. In our post titled “How to Prepare your child for the new baby”, we saw how important it is to encourage children to feel useful as this helps build their self esteem and they learn to become responsible. Today, we´d like to share some tips on how to teach your children to become a great older brother or sister and enjoy it.

The majority of children love babies. Mainly because they are do not present a threat, at least for now. When that baby grows, however, sibling rivalries do too. That is why we offered some tips to help you prevent fighting. But, how do we teach our children to become a good brother or sister? What can we do to help encourage it?

One does not choose to be a brother or sister.  But one can choose whether to be a good brother or sister. It requires work and a good dose of empathy, patience and love.  But there are other things that will help your older children become great siblings.

Being a good role model. We must remind our older children that they are examples to follow and they must be careful as their younger brother or sister will undoubtedly imitate everything they do and say. If big brother helps at home, for example, the little one will probably want to learn to carry out tasks and become responsible too. If you´d like to read what chores your children can do, according to their age, make sure you read this article.

Protecting and Supporting. Little brothers or sisters tend to idolize their older siblings. But it could work both ways. Encourage your older children to protect their little brother or sister and motivate them to cheer them on when they have a play at school or when they learn a new skill. They can also help out with the homework.

Playing.  No matter what age difference there is, every once in a while, it´s good to have big brother or sister play with the little ones and even let them win every now and then. By teaching them a card game or how to play hide and go seek and even entertaining them with toys, the older children will  become aware of the little ones needs and intuitively teach them social skills.

Scientific research at the University of Michigan, proved that being generous benefits not only our mental and physical well being, it reduces stress, builds our self esteem and makes us live longer.

[ASSET-13217]Barriguitas Enjoy Moments Playset_original

A great way to cultivate generosity and empathy is by role-playing and toys such as this one, can become your best ally.  Famosa has just launched a new Barriguitas Playground, a useful toy to help them practice generosity and social skills. 

This fun playset, created for children between 4 and 6 years old, comes with an “older sister” figure and two small children. Encourage your older kids to play with it and show the little ones how to take turns and how the slide works.

We know that children learn by imitation and that role-playing helps them understand the world they live in and express their feelings.  When engaged in role-play, we will be able to observe how they feel about the little ones.

The quality of their relationship, no matter what the age difference is or what type of personality each one has, will have a great impact on the relationships they develop later on in life. As parents, there are some things we should keep in mind:

  • Don´t compare them yet teach them to learn to appreciate their differences.
  • Encourage them to work on a project together or share a task. And organize quality family time.
  • Teach them to listen and speak to one another with respect even when they don´t agree.

Still fighting? Check out how to deal with sibling rivalry here.

Photo Credits: Famosa

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