How to make beautiful braids for Christmas with Nancy
December 23, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Ever since girls are girls, the majority dream of having long enough hair to create beautiful hairdos. That´s why, girls young and old adore braids, one of the prettiest and less complicated of them all. Besides, braids are a wonderful solution to getting their hair out of the way in order to continue playing! Today, at The Toy Blog, we would like to teach you how to make beautiful braids this Christmas season with the Nancy Hairstyle Briefcase.

There are many different types of braids and the more you practice, the better you´ll become. There is the normal braid and the French braid, the fish tale and the bohemian braid… The possibilities are endless. But remember, girls should learn how to make them themselves. And what better teacher than Nancy? Thanks to her hairstyle briefcase, the mythical Famosa doll will show your little one how to create the most stunning hairstyles ever! Her hairdresser is also a portable case with a flower shape and lots of sections where to store all her hair accessories: glitter tattoos, brush, rubber bands, clips, a hair braider and much, much more. One suggestion? It´s easier to make a braid if the hair is slightly humid.

If you´d like to see what it looks like, we encourage you to watch this video to discover how easy it is to make braids and add highlights. Besides, it´s so light and easy to carry, the girls will be able to take it anywhere they go.


If you´re a fan of Nancy and your daughter is too, surely you´re familiar with Nancy´s Diary. If not, we recommend you read these posts together so you can discover what Nancy has to say about braids and one particular style she loves best.


In her posts, you´ll be happy to discover that braids are in this winter. Nancy made three thin braids to go to school and they looked amazing! Don´t forget you can ask her anything you´d like by writing her at the following email address:!

To see how side braids, French braids, double braids and many more are done, please do not hesitate to watch these fun videos with your daughter. After that, she can practice on her own with her Nancy dolls.

With Christmas coming up, Famosa presented a list of their star toys and Nancy Hairstyle Briefcase was among them! The good thing is that now, your daughter and Nancy can wear the same hairstyle and change it, as many times as they´d like. Let her imagination run wild and see how many she can come up with.

Remember that learning to make a braid implies the use of fine motor skills and coordination but it also cultivates the habit of grooming in little girls too! Just like they learn to brush their teeth and wash their hands, brushing their hair is also key to hygiene.

Now it´s time to take out the brushes, combs and rubber bands to practice some creativity and imagination! Together with Nancy and her Hairstyle Briefcase, your daughter will have a blast and learn how to make braids!

Photo Credits: Famosa



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