How to motivate our kids for a great back-to-school
September 3, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

During the month of September, ever since The Toy Blog by Famosa was launched, we have bene clueing you in on the keys to help you experience a positive transition between summer and school. Just like we suggested in “8 Tips for a Great Back-to-school” there are many ways you can organize your family to avoid the stress and summer nostalgia. One of the most important things we can do is remain happy and optimistic and instead of worrying about it, plan your attack.

Leaving the long summer days behind and just the thought of going back to school and work, produces stress. But, can we do something to avoid it? The answer is yes! How? Let go of the anxiety and keep reading to discover how to make a better transition this year.

Keep on Learning. If your kids were lucky enough to have enjoyed summer camps, workshops or a real vacation, keep up the rhythym by integrating the hobbies or activities they´ve learned. For example if they´ve discover how fun it is to cook, let them keep at it. You can plan a dinner or brunch together before school starts. Try maintaining a collaborative spirit at home. Did you know that there are 7 reasons you should sit down for family dinners?

A month from now, they probably wont have the time to do as often as they would like but if they truly enjoy cooking, for example, encourage them to do it in their free time. Always remember to help them choose their extra curricular acitvities and not let them feel overwhelmed by too many social commitments.



Fun Homework. Before school begins, you can assign fun homework for them to do. That way they´ll start to learn how to organize themselves better. What is fun homework? A good example is to ask them to draw or take pictures of things that change colours, or of the birds they see at the park or the different games they like to play. Any activity like these requires attention, concentration and communication, skills that will help them study better.

Keep doing things together. One of the things kids notice the most when school starts is that you aren´t there. At least not as much. That´s why it´s important you keep organizing acitviites to do together at least once a week during the week and on the weekends. It´s best if you choose outdoor activities. Here, you will discover 10 outdoor plans to do with your kids.

Remember, let them participate and help decide what you will do. If you have more than one child, make sure you have some time alone together. Talk to him or her about going back to school and what they envision this year to be. If your kids are changing schools, don´t forget to read this post to discover how you can help them confront their fears.

Merge into the Routines. A week before school starts, being to establish schedules and routines and make sure they understand why. If we explain it, it´ll be easier for them to grasp. You shouldn’t forget to change your own schedules too. As David Cole, author of the book “Kids Pick up on everything: How Parental Stress is toxic to Kids” suggests in this post“stress is transmitted from parents to children and kids who feel stressed out manifest irritability and have a tendency to become frustrated.” What can we do? Be a good example and remain positive. 

Positive Thinking

Take an afternoon off to remember all the fun things you did this summer. What were their favourite moments? What did they learn? Who did they meet? Helping them review and relive the good moments will make them feel positive and they´ll discover they have so much to tell their classmates as soon as school starts. Another fun activity is to create photo albums together or play. Here, you´ll discover which toys can help them go back to school with a smile.

Did you know that when we play with our kids, we can provide so many positive things? Read all about it right here.

How are you preparing your family for a great back to school?

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