How to organize a birthday party with Nancy
January 11, 2016  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

If you´ve run out of ideas on how to organize a fun birthday party for your kids, Nancy has a great solution. Under the Your Birthday heading on her website, this world famous doll offers recipes, crafts, invitation and activity ideas you can take as an inspiration. You can even decide to throw a costume party and have everyone dress up as Nancy!

Nancy, the theme of your party

Surely you are one of those mommies or daddies that add their creativity and imagination when it comes to organizing a birthday party for your kids. If we are correct, you´ll know that the key is choosing a good theme. Circus, movie characters, singers…. But why not a particular toy as a theme? Mutant Busters, Pinypon or Barriguitas can be a good option but with Nancy it´s easier and we will explain why.

Dressing up like Nancy: Kids love to play dress up. So why not include Nancy in their birthday party? If your daughter and her friend are fans they can check out the Look my Look app to know how to dress up like her. They´ll just have to get ideas and choose similar pieces of clothing from their own wardrobe. They can even create beautiful hairstyles like Nancy suggests in her blog.

Happy Birthday: This year you won´t have to think about what to do on her birthday because Nancy has already done all the work. You can keep reading to discover her ideas or access this link now.

como organizar cumple con Nancy.interior

Invitations: Here, you´ll be able to download a template to make fun invitations. The designs are so cute! Which one do you think your daughter will like? Once she´s chosen, all you have to do is print, cut out and fill in the invite.

Piñata: Nancy explains a step by step on how to create your piñata in the shape of a number. We encourage you to use recycled paper and together make it with your daughters. Not only will you spend quality time together but also it will reinforce her creativity!

Paper Wreath: Even though there are thousands of colours and shapes, Nancy offers children a drawing that they can use to create a beautiful birthday wreath. Other ideas can be found at The Crafty Craw: Bunnies and Butterflies.

Recipes: Nancy knows that parents can get caught up with work and chores so she values their time. That´s why she proposes some delicious simple to make recipes.

  • Lemonade You´ll need 2 lemons, 8 cups of water, ½ spoon of sugar and ice. In les than 10 minutes you´ll have a delicious drink!
  • Appetizers: Making appetizers fun looking is a great trick to get kids to eat. Nancy is an expert and she recommends making Penguins our of pitted olives, carrots and cream cheese.
  • Chocolate cake: There are millions of recipes on the Internet but if you would like to make a chocolate cake with you daughter, make it simple. Nancy´s easy-to-make recipe will surprise you!

Other ideas

Take a look at the Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas section in Martha Stewarts blog. You´ll find hundreds of tricks and recipes for kids’ theme parties. If you decide to go with the costume idea, we suggest you read this PinyPon post. If you need more recipes, you´ll find them in Nancy´s blog.

Do you like the idea of organizing a birthday party with Nancy?

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