How to stop biting their nails with Nancy Nails School
February 15, 2016  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Does your son or daughter bite their nails? According to WebMD in their article on How to Stop Nail Biting, 30% of children and 15% of teenagers bite their nails. There are many possible reasons: curiosity, boredom, stress relief or imitation. But whatever it is, it´s the most common of nervous habits, a group in which thumb sucking, nose picking, hair playing and grinding teeth are included. If your children bite their nails, however, don´t worry. There are ways to get them to stop. And one of them is by playing with Nancy Nails School!

Perfect nails with Nancy Nails School

Although a majority of parents end up applying that bitter nail polish or band-aids on their children´s nails, to stop them from biting their nails, the truth is that the best solution is keeping them entertained with an activity in which their hands are occupied. Giving them play-doh to play with during a car ride or holding their favourite teddy bear while they listen to their night-time story book are some good options. You can also teach them some relaxing techniques that will help them unwind when they feel the urge to bite their nails.

But here, at The Toy Blog, we also suggest they play with the Nancy Nails School playset.

It´s impossible to have perfect nails when they´re short and they´ve been bitten but Nancy is eager to help kids out. Her Nails School has everything they need to learn how to decorate them. So before they stop biting their nails, show them what they´ll be able to do with this playset to get them motivated.


In this playset, Nancy comes with jointed arms and her hands are extended so she is prepared for her manicure! But first, children will need to file her nails, then paint them and ultimately dry them. Besides, Nancy has a secret drawer with fun accessories including make-up and fake eyelashes as well as tattoos. So while the nail polish dries, your children can brush her hair or paint her lips.

Once they´ve played with Nancy Nails School playset, they´ll see how cool it is to have nice nails and how fun it is to paint them. All you´ll have to do the next time you see them bite their nails, is remind them how they wont be able to have as much fun playing with it. All they need to do is stop biting them for two days to see how fast their nails grow!

What to do if they bite their nails?

Talk about their anxiety

“When kids do something that worries us, we tend to stop their behaviour and that worsk in the long term, says Janis Keyser, co author of Becoming the Parent You Want to Be. ” But, it´s important you discover the cause of that behaviour and think if there is something that is producing stress and see how you can teach your child to manage it.” It might be a new school, an argument or their next piano concert. Whatever to is, speak to your children about it.

Don´t punish them

Unless they want to stop biting their nails, you wont be able to do much about it. Just like other habits, biting their nails is an unconscious act. So punishing them is not useful at all. What you can do is make them conscious of their habit and remind them of the fact when they are doing it.

Get them to exercise

Make sure they run and play outdoors so they can let go of all that nervous energy. Some kids find art projects very useful as they help keep their hands busy at the same time they unwind. Others find learning how to play an instrument useful.

Do your children bite their nails? What do you think about Nancy Nails School?

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