How to take care of our planet with Mutant Busters
December 28, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Part of what we do as parents is to teach our children values and cultivate their respect for our planet. Recycling, caring for the environment and ecological values have been an important subject matter in recent years. Especially now, when we are surrounded by so much holiday wrapping paper, packaging and gift boxes. But, isn´t there a fun way we can show our children how to take care of the planet? The answer is yes and today at The Toy Blog, we will teach you how with Mutant Busters.

We know that recycling is important for the conservation of our planet and for the future of our children. That is why we have published numerous articles related to recycling activities so kids, 3 years old and up, can be conscious and learn to become responsible. If you would like to read our article on building toys with recycled material, for example, take a look at this post. Remember, that as parents, we need to know why recycling is important in order to preach by example. Our children will also learn better and faster if it´s through play.

Learning through play is fun but kids also need an explanation they can understand, especially when it comes down to concepts that may seem a bit too abstract. If we want to blend fun with knowledge, what better way than to use the charismatic super heroes who fight to keep our planet clean!

The next time your son or daughter leaves a room without turning off the light, ask them if they are part of La Resistance or Mutants? And when you catch them brushing their teeth with an open faucet, be sure to explain that water is limited on this planet and our mission is to use it carefully. If not, fish and dolphins for example wont have anywhere to live.


The Mutant Busters are much more than action figures. Take advantage of their eco side to bring awareness to your children. Motivate them to imitate these super heroes by using their critical thinking and creative skills. You can get them to wear their detective hats and ask themselves how they could water the plants at home without using tap water, for example. What would the Mutant Busters do? (Possible solutions might be: store rainwater or use bath water). Their answer might not be the solution but they´ll learn to value it and make decisions, based on reason.

You can also use the Mutant Busters TV series to keep talking about taking care of the planet. Any online episode, available on the website, will break the ice and get you started. “Why do you think the Earth is contaminated? Do you think our planet can end up like the one in the series? Do you think we generate too much garbage? What more can we do at home?” Remember, just thinking about possible answers, will sharpen their minds.

We know that kids need to play because that´s their way of understanding the world and expressing themselves, making connections, improving their social, motor and physical skills. So we encourage you to participate when they play with their Mutant Busters so together you can continue to search for solutions.

Did you know that aside from the TV series, which premiered last October; the Mutant Busters also have their own webisodes? Check their webpage here. 

Tradition and innovation is part of Famosa´s company culture. Conscious of the need to protect our planet, they created Mutant Busters and an entire line of eco toys.

Do you talk to you children about taking care of the planet?

Photo Credits: Famosa


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