How to teach your children to write their name
November 18, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Children start becoming familiar with reading and writing at an early age and when they do, it marks an important milestone. The first letter the majority of kids write is the one, which corresponds to the first letter of their name. But how can we encourage them to write their full name and then all the letters in the alphabet? Is there a right way to teach your kids to write?

“The best tools for little kids who are learning to write are not markers, pens or pencils, but rather other materials which strengthen their hand muscles,” says Mara Guckian, expert in childhood development and chief editor of Teacher Created Resources. “Its better to have them make letters with play dough or draw their name in the sand. This way, they´ll internalize the shape of each letter while they develop their fine motor skills.”

Fun ABC Activities

Little children learn better when they are taught in a holistic way. So make sure you engage in activities where all their senses are in action. Touch, sight, smell,… Try some of these exercises so they learn their ABC´s and then move on to writing.

  • Letters in the air. Before moving onto paper, spend a season asking them to write letters in the sky. These muscular movements will help them assimilate how they are written and make them conscious of their body. While they write their name in the air, ask them to say each letter out loud and any necessary explanations.
  • Sponge Letters. When its bath time, squirt some shaving cream onto the bathtub wall. Ask them to draw letters with their fingers and repeat them out loud as they do so. As soon as they write a name or word, or letter, they can erase it and start again.
  • Salt letters. If your children have already tried writing letters with salt scattered on a table, they might want to try to make the actual letters with salt. If they get it wrong, they can try again.
  • Human letters. If you think they´re ready to move onto paper, make sure they get large pieces to write on. You might want to suggest they think of associations such as a man, standing sideways wearing a hat and long shoes could be a T.


How to encourage them to write their name

At first, you´ll have to give them the necessary time to learn how to identify the letters of their name and say each one out loud. Later, draw their name out so they get a visual picture. Capital letters is better when they start out, as they are easier to write. Remember, we must avoid them feeling frustrated.

  • Puzzle Game. Write the letters that form their names on large pieces of paper. Cut them out separately and mix them up. Your children have to out them in order.
  • Bubble Game. Write the letters of their name on bubble wrap. Not only will they find this fun, they can explode all the bubbles under the letters, one at a time.
  • Tracing names. When you feel they´re ready to write their name, take a large sheet of paper and write it out. Ask them to trace each letter with their finger, then with the eraser and finally with a pencil. They can also do this by sticking their finger in kid friendly paint and have them write their name with their favourite colour.

How do you teach your children n to write their name? Did you enjoy reading these activities?

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