Is your child ready for a baby walker?
November 10, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Taking their first steps is a true endeavour for babies. Some start when they´re barely 1 while others begin at 18 months. Sooner or later, with time and practice, they´ll learn to walk and parents should keep them motivated. Toys, such as baby walkers, tricycles and rockers, are good allies. But which ones are the best? And at what age are they ready for each one? What are the differences and how do they help? Keep reading to discover all the ins and outs of the toys that will motivate your baby to keep walking.

Baby Walkers

What are they? Walkers are toys that have wheels and a built-in tray that babies can hold on to and move about at ease. They normally include a seat, which makes baby walkers look like a vehicle like this one by Feber.

Recommended age:  Between 10 and 16 months, when babies start walking and are able to stand up on their own. Children who use walkers before this age are at risk of falling.

What are they good for? Walkers are not made to learn how to walk but rather to perfect their walking skills once they´ve mastered baby steps. The main advantage of walkers is that baby’s feet rest on the floor, helping them learn how to distribute their weight on both legs. Baby walkers also strengthen their arms and legs and improves their coordination and balance.  When they´ve reached the 12-month marker, children will realize they can gain momentum and actually move about using their hands and feet, which will in turn help them become autonomous and increase their self-esteem.

Baby Rockers and Bouncers

What are they? Baby rockers and bouncers are toys that move back and forth or from side to side. For security purposes, make sure yours has a stable base, a footstool and backrest.

Recommended Age: Children 8 months and older enjoy rockers with backrests like the 4 in 1 Push N’Go.  Beginning at 18 months, they can use backless rockers like Ponyfeber, which will give them more freedom to move about. Just make sure to keep an eye on them at all times.

What are they good for? Aside from providing children with endless hours of entertainment, baby rockers and bouncers help develop their balance and they come in real handy when they start walking.



What are they? Tricycles are wonderful toys, especially the ones that have parent control navigators so parents can help push and steer like this Tricycle Baby Twist for girls or boys or the Tricycle Baby Plus Music boy or girl. Make sure they come with a safety belt and brakes, like the tricycles recommended above.

Recommended Age: Parent controlled tricycles are recommended for children between 10 and 12 months old. Classic trikes are best when they turn 2.

What are they good for? Before they turn 2, tricycles can easily substitute baby strollers.  Kids can sit down and place their feet on the footrest while their parents push them. But once kids are ready to pedal, tricycles are great for improving coordination, spatial orientation and they help strengthen their muscles as well.

What about old-fashioned baby walkers?

It used to be a regular in any household with kids but safety experts and health professionals strongly discourage their use because of the number of accidents and injuries they cause.

Plus, children who use these old-fashioned walkers have a harder time learning to walk. Although they help them strengthen their muscles, kids who use them frequently miss out on other important skills such as crawling and turning round.

Have your children tried any of these toys? Did you know that baby tricycles could substitute strollers?

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