Juegorama 2014: How Toys are Made
November 18, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Juegorama, the annual study on children and toys, conducted by Famosa, is about to be see the light. Like each year, Juegorama provides significant information, which you shouldn´t miss as a parent. The 2014 edition however marks a special date as it celebrates its 5th anniversary. The chosen topic this year is: How Toys are Made, unveiling the entire process from an initial idea all the way until it reaches our children´s hands. Have you ever wondered how toys are made?

At Famosa we just couldn´t resist the temptation to unveil to the world that what we feel so passionate about: toys.

Eduardo Garragorri, Product and Marketing Director at Famosa will be in charge of describing how one of our already legendary toys are made: The Mutant Busters,  those charismatic superheroes whose mission is to obliterate the Mutants who want to dominate a contaminated planet. A process that can take 18 months considering everything from the first sketches and design to actually making a prototype and then producing and distributing. The final product is also a result of logistics. At Famosa, we want the world to discover that creating a toy requires team work, innovation, quality and safety.


Award winning illustrator and writer, Monica Carretero, author of children books such as Los Vestidos de Mamá or her collection titled Primeras Experiencias has created a story with magical illustrations, which explains how a toy is made, to young readers. This exclusive storybook will soon be available on the website and our blog.

Juegorama 2014 has also organized a fabulous contest, recently announced at The Toy Blog, in which we invited you to sign your children up to design the toy of their dreams and have it printed in 3D. The winners will be announced soon.

Past Editions

Before the 2014 study is released, we suggest you browse thru past editions.

At Juegorama 2013, centred on Responsible Toys, we discovered, in the form of amusing graphic visuals, the results of our survey: Methodology; How is a Toy Responsible?; What influences us to buy toys?; Number of toys, play time and costs and Global Impact and the Toy Industry.

Information on the past 3 editions can be viewed by clicking on the links  below or right here.

Juegorama 2010: How do we Play and how do we relate to Toys

Juegorama 2011: A Day in the Life of a Child

Juegorama 2012: Playing at making you happy

Are you planning on signing your children up to design the toy of their dreams?

Photo Credits: Famosa

Photo Credits: Frederic de Villamil 


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