Learn to hug with Nenuco
August 28, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Just imagine the following scenario: you just walked into a store with your child and there´s an old woman waiting her turn to pay. Before you know it, your son runs over to her and hugs her. She turns around and gives you a nasty look. Has this ever happened to you before? Well it´s time you showed your little one how and who to hug or be affectionate with.

Usually we hug family and friends. But kids, especially the cute, cuddly, sensitive type, don´t really know how to distinguish. But they need to learn that it´s not always a good idea to hug those who surround them. It could make others feel uncomfortable. At The Toy Blog, we suggest you teach him about this by playing with My First Nenuco Hugs. Follow these simple steps and remember: kids learn better when they play.

My First Nenuco Hugs is the cuddliest of all. This doll even moves its arms and head to encourage the little ones to hug him. Made with the softest material, your kids (1 year old and over) will love hugging their Nenuco all night long. The best possible toy to learn how to hug.


Step 1: Happy Hugs, Sad Hugs

Explain to your child that jugs can make you smile or sad, depending on when and who they´re hugging. Take their Nenuco and make his arms move. This signals your child to hug him. You can say something like: “Nenuco wants a hug. You´ll make him feel better.” Then you can hug your child too. But he must also know that some people feel sad or mad when they are hugged. They can make some people feel uncomfortable.

Step 2: We don´t always need a hug

Now move Nenuco´s legs and ask your child if he thinks that Nenuco would like a hug? You can explain that not everyone wants a hug. And by everyone we mean brothers, teachers, friends or strangers. It´s important they learn the concept of personal space. You can draw a circle on the floor around him with a piece of chalk. That is their personal space. And just like they have their own, others do too. We all must respect it and try not invading that space.

Step 3: Appropriate Hugs

Surround the doll´s neck or legs with your arms to show your child how to hug. That way you can teach him what body parts are appropriate to embrace. Once you´re done, ask him to do the same thing with Nenuco and then you.

Step 4: Hugging Mommy and Daddy

Always remember to hug your children. Not only to prove you car for them but to teach them how. It´s all right to hug mommy and daddy because it´s a way of loving them but it´s not always OK to do it to their friends or teachers.

Step 5: Patience and Play

Remember, teaching your child how to behave requires patience. They won´t get it the first time. And try not to be too strict. You can set limits and explain through playing and using nice words. Have you read our post on good manners? We encourage you to do so here.

Do your children hug everyone? What similar situations have you experienced?

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Photo Credits: Ed Coyle

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