Learning as they play with Doctors and Teachers by Nenuco
September 15, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Did you know that when they play is when they learn the most? According to Angie Rupan, Educator and Coordinator of the Childhood Development Centre in San Francisco, “playing is the way kids begin to understand and process the world they live in.” That´s why they must have time to alternate between free play and role-play: two of the best forms of entertainment.  Playing to be all grown up is a great opportunity to interpret different roles and just as we suggested in this post, two of their favourite professions areteacher and doctor. Today, we´d like to offer you some ideas and activities you can use to motivate them to keep learning as they play.

Playing to be a Doctor

Whether it´s to help cure or take care of others, many children dream of becoming doctors, nurses or veterinarians. As parents, we can offer them games and toys with which they can discover these worlds. Nenuco Doctor is one of them.

With this fun costume, which includes a robe, a mask, an injection, bandages and a stethoscope, your little one will feel prepared to take good care of her patients, whether these be her favourite stuffed animals, her little PinyPon or her Nenuco.

What is the matter with our patient? You can encourage your little doctor to repeat and practice the steps you follow when she is sick at home or at school. Ask her if her patient has a fever or a cough. What are the symptoms?

What treatment will work? Like her, this Nenuco sweats when he has a fever and his nose turns red when he has the flu. What will she have to do in each case? If she doesn´t know, you can help her by showing what each accessory, included in the kit, is for, such as the stethoscope or the thermometer. You can also suggest she give them some tender loving care and perhaps read to her patients until they fall asleep.

If your little one loves to play at being a doctor, you´ll be happy to know that Famosa has developed a free app so she can keep learning as she plays. We encourage you to discover this educational tool available for iPhone and Android.


Playing to be a Teacher

After their parents, teachers are the number one role models for children. And if they are lucky enough to have great teachers, they´ll probably want to emulate them. Even if it’s through role-play, they´ll learn valuable lessons such as reading, listening, being patient and knowing how to explain things to others.

When they pretend to be teachers, kids love to write on blackboards, read to their dolls or toys out loud and keep the class in order. With this teacher costume, which includes a pencil, ruler, coloured chalk and a pair of fun toy glasses, she´ll step right into her role.

Following are a series of activities you can suggest to her before her class starts. Just remember, let her decide how she plays and who her students are.

Roll Call. Offer her a notebook or some paper so she can proceed to roll call and see whether someone is missing. Perhaps, someone is sick today? Or someone might have had to go to the dentist? How many students does she have and what are their names?

Good Behaviour. Surely, you have stickers at home she can use to award her students for good behaviour. If she hasn’t yet told her students about the class rules, invite her to think of some such as no talking when someone else is speaking. Ask her what she will do when someone doesn’t act accordingly.

Activities and homework.  Encourage her to think of activities she will teach her students today. Will she be explaining the name of colours or how to count? Will they learn how to write their names? What homework will she be giving them?

Remember that we must let them decide what they want to play with but as parents, we can help them take the first step in their games and activities. A small suggestion will be enough to kick-start their learning process while they play.

What do you think of these activities?

Photo Credits: Famosa


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