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September 4, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Much has changed since we were little kids. Our toys, games and ways of playing are totally different now. And the way children learn today is quite different as well. Despite the fact that kids seem to be born knowing how to interact with technology, many parents and educators keep asking themselves whether it´s good for them, if they learn while they play videogames, for example and how do you know whether an app is really educational. Here, at The Toy Blog, we´ve answered some of these questions but today, we´d like to give you the key to choosing well when it comes to digital and technological tools.

Just like we´ve suggested in other posts related to technology, “it´s time we rethink how and where we educate our children for a new type of future.” And to do that, we must analyse the pros and the cons of technology.

Were you aware that tech tools improves their curiosity and ability to observe? They also help them deal with conflict resolution and even discover new hidden talents. But, be careful. They can also generate addiction and even produce isolation.

From Common Sense Media, leaders in evaluating children´s content suggest that parents and teachers use the 3 C´s in order to know whether a game, an app or a website is really good for your kids. Here is a summary of the article.

Connection. Think of it like you would a storybook. Before buying a videogame or downloading an app, ask yourself the following questions: will my kids be personally connected and interested? What will they learn? What is the message it conveys and the way it is communicated?


Critical Thinking. Use your critical mind when choosing tech for your kids so they can cultivate one of their own. Just like you would a toy, make sure their tech integrates skills, subject matters or values that are relevant and interesting for them. They could be games or apps that challenge them to improve their social skills or help them confront their fears. What is important to remember is that children find a deep and significant meaning while they play.

Creativity. One of the advantages of the avaiable tech for kids is that they encourage children to create their very own content. Whether it’s a song, their own orchestra or science experiments at home, kids love to feel they are on control while they learn.

Other things we can do. Supervise the apps they consume, limit their use of internet and make them see that technology is not a substitute of other activities. Especially those that involve playing outdoors.

In our post “8 things teachers want from parents” we pointed out that we should read with our kids, encourage them to make friends outside of school, become interested in what they learn, take an active role at school, teach them to be responsible and give them chores.

Remember, that kids today learn in different ways. Sitting down in a classroom and memorizing a text or an equation is not enough. They need to touch, listen and see exactly what they are learning and why. That´s the reason why kids are so fascinated by electronic devices and multidimensional games. They exist to participate and experiment with.

Above all, we must make sure they know that math, for example can also be learned outside of the classroom and far away from the computer. By role playing and learning to count their PinyPon or cooking a meal are fun activities, which require certain math skills. We can also and should provide them with tools while we play with our children. If you would like to know which, please make sure you read this article.

Before we go, we´d like to remind you that good manners online exist and should be taught to our children.

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