Let the Kids Decide
February 3, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Many times, our desire to have our children entertained, leads us to impose what they play with but we must remember that children are the ones who must decide.  Today, we will focus on helping you help them choose and let them choose when and what they play with. Not just for fun but to encourage them to be more independent while they develop their motor, physical and creative skills and capacities.

Here, at The Toy Blog, we´ve talked about how important toys are in our children´s development and how they teach them about the world they live in. According to teachers, parents and educators, children should have a variety of toys at their disposal and they should decide which ones to play with. Why? Like this article (in Spanish) suggests, “allowing them to decide gives them autonomy and freedom to express themselves. By letting them decide, we are also letting them know that we are sensible to their needs and favour their learning capacity and their decision-making skills. It also helps them develop their own personality and boosts their self esteem.”

Depending on their age and interests, there are toys of all types and for all tastes. Some are based on action, others on building and construction and some even help them solve problems and socialize. No one knows better than you what your kids like to play with. All you have to do is observe and listen. And if they get bored, that´s fine too. Like we pointed out in our post, “Why Being Bored is Actually Good”, boredom helps them develop their internal stimuli.

According to a study published at Penn State University, when we buy toys without asking them first, our children might ignore them or test them out for only a few minutes. Sometimes, they even prefer to play with the box the toy came in rather than the toy itself.

But it´s not a question of just letting them choose the first thing they pick up or see on TV. That´s where you come in, to help them choose well. Before buying a new toy, and after studying what educational values the toy has, make sure it´s safe. As we pointed out in our post “Playing Safe”,  playing is a necessary activity for childhood development and toys are an important part of the process.

That´s why the quality of the materials used in the making and the quality control procedures should comply with all the safety regulations. Following up with this idea, researchers at Penn State suggest we ask ourselves the following questions before actually buying a toy:

How is it made and what materials have been used? Will it provide many hours of playtime? Does it have all the right labelling? Is it easy to clean? Make sure the toy doesn’t have rough or sharp edges and it´s not toxic or too fragile. Toys shouldn´t have tiny pieces that could be swallowed, especially if the toy is for the little ones.

It´s also important to keep in mind how your children will play with the toy. Can they use it in other ways? Is it appropriate for their age? Can they integrate it into other games?


While our children grow and develop, they need different types of toys. If you haven’t had the chance to read our post titled “Why are toys important in childhood development?” we recommend you do. That way you´ll discover which toys will help them learn or develop the different capacities and skills that each age requires.

Would you like them to develop their imagination, creativity and manual skills? Famosa´s Power Trains are a great toy. If they want to play at home, read our list of toys, perfect for a rainy day.

Perhaps, they are interested in learning how to cook or they´re discovering where food comes from? If this is the case, read this post to learn which toys are the most appropriate ones.

Do they show an interest in taking care of their new baby brother or sister? Do they want to play at being mommies or daddies. There are children who need to move about more than others. Are they ready for a baby walker?  Perhaps they´re afraid of something in particular? There are toys for that too. Are they still in preschool? The toys mentioned here are some of their favourites.

Whatever their tastes and interests are, remember to let them decide and don´t forget that Famosa´s online store is created so you can find the best toys according to their age and it offers you the educational values of each one as well.

Do you let your kids decide what they play with? Share your experience with our readers and us.

Photo Credits: Famosa


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